On Batwoman Season 1 Episode 2, Kate uses all her resources to prove that Alice is her sister Beth while their father tries to stop them both.

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Kate as Batwoman chases down Alice's henchmen in order to track down Alice before Jacob's Crows can run her to ground and kill her. When Kate shares the theory that Alice is Beth, Jacob shoots it down despite Kate having Alice's knife which she could test for DNA.
In flashbacks, young Kate and Jacob search for Beth for months. Young Kate makes Jacob promise that he'll never stop looking but eventually he can't let the search be his whole life and makes up a story about finding skull fragments.
Alice reveals to her henchmen that she hates her father for giving up on her. Kate gets a message to Alice and they meet. When the Crows arrive to arrest Alice, she hints to Kate that she's sent someone to get Mary out of the way because Kate is Alice's sister and she won't share with Mary. Batwoman interrupts Dodgson's attack on Mary but leaves before Mary sees her when the news reports that the prisoner envoy was attacked and Alice's transport was thrown into the river. She manages to save Alice but another explosion separates them and knocks Batwoman out.
In the aftermath, Kate and Luke discuss her role as the city's hero, Catherine Hamilton is revealed to be the mastermind behind stealing Alice's knife, and Alice sends Kate a gift to let her know that she knows who Batwoman is.

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On Batwoman Season 1 Episode 2, Kate's out to prove Alice is her long-thought-dead sister while their father sends his Crows to stop them both.

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