On Batwoman Season 2 Episode 11, Ryan and Sophie team up, risking Batwoman's secret by having Sophie so close. Alice & Enigma get cozy but someone crashes the party.

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The False Face Society is using a trio of street racers to pick up and deliver supplies for Snakebite.
Luke informs Ryan that the last ingredient the False Face Society need is fear toxin. They plan to have Batwoman jump on them when the heist goes down.
Batwoman unmasks a driver on the heist and it's Sophie. Because of the interruption, the heist is called off.
Alice pretends to be Evelyn Rhyme until Dr. Rhyme shows up. Alice kills the patient in the room and then demands Dr. Rhyme erase the Kate memories in her head.
Jacob decides Sophie is too close to the Angelique case and puts Agent Tavaroff in charge. Sophie goes to Ryan with the news and they decide to work together.
Alice isn't happy with Enigma's analysis and insists she dig deeper.
Sophie has Luke set Ryan up to be hired as a driver for the False Face heists, not knowing they know each other.
Ryan gets the job but has to have Luke drive while she plants the tracker. Tavaroff and the Crows chase and shoot at her.
Sophie tries to rescue Angelique without the Crows but Black Mask catches her. Batwoman arrives and they overpower him. They have to let him go.
Ocean bursts into Rhyme's office and fights Alice. Enigma uses an implanted trigger word and restores their memories of each other, then leaves.
Angelique admits that she doesn't know how to make Snakebite but offers to help Black Mask find Ocean.
Ocean tells Alice that he's in Gotham for the last surviving Desert Rose plant. Alice admits to her feelings for him.
Tavaroff finds Batwoman's blood on the scene. Sophie finds the coms in Ryan's ride and realizes she's Batwoman.

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On Batwoman Season 2 Episode 11, Batwoman and The Crows are each hot on the trail of the False Face Society, when their efforts collide, and tension escalates.

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Batwoman Season 2 Episode 11 Quotes

Enigma: Whether you admit it or not, Kate matters to you. Erasing her will radically change your personality.
Alice: Yeah. I'll stop hallucinating.

The final ingredient will be delivered soon, and if I've gone through all this trouble just to find out you can't cook after all... Well, at least I have what I need to dissolve your body.

Black Mask