On Batwoman Season 2 Episode 6, Ryan struggle with both her relationship and the kryptonite wound. Alice & Ocean get close. Mary & Jacob are held hostage for the serum.

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Doctors at Hamilton Dynamics are trying to synthesize the serum that seems to be curing everyone of everything but their test subjects keep dying. Dr. Rogers releases Aaron Helzinger, aka Amygdala, to find the source of the serum.
Batwoman has problems fighting criminals because of the wound and Ryan gets Angelique to take her to the hospital where she gets her blood tested.
Ocean and Alice discuss why Safiyah erased their memories.
A truck slams into a car carrying Mary and Jacob and Aaron takes the unconscious Mary and Jacob to Mary's clinic.
Sophie comes to The Hold-Up to see Ryan and offers her a chance to make Angelique's file disappear if she plants spyware on her phone so they can track down Ocean.
In the clinic, Aaron has anger episodes while demanding Mary find more serum. She reveals to Jacob that she's been running the clinic for two years.
Ryan offers Angelique a job at The Hold-Up so she can quit dealing. Angelique declines. Ryan plants the spyware.
Aaron stabs Jacob with a scalpel and Mary tells him about Coryana.
The hospital calls Ryan to tell her she needs new tests. She researches kryptonite in the Batcave and then Luke arrives. Mary calls him to bring the map, using code to signal distress. Ryan collapses from the pain but still insists on saving Mary.
Alice speaks to Safiyah and returns to Ocean to kill him but Sophie interrupts and takes the real Napier.
Although Batwoman manages to subdue Aaron and get the map, masked men come in and take Aaron and the map.
Jacob intends to shut down Mary's clinic. Angelique finds out about the spyware. Alice substitutes a body for Ocean to exchange with Safiyah.

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On Batwoman Season 2 Episode 6, Ryan is torn apart by both her relationship and her kryptonite wound, while Mary and Jacob could be torn open for the Desert Rose serum.

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Batwoman Season 2 Episode 6 Quotes

Angelique: We have been waiting for a doctor for two hours.
Doctor: Oh, well, actually, I'm not her attending.
Angelique: Oh, actually, have you heard of a little issue in your medical community called implicit bias?
Doctor: Sorry, we're coding down the hall.
Angelique: Let me educate you on something.
Ryan: Ang! Please, he's busy!
Angelique: It is the reason black women die of neglect at a disproportionately high rate in this country. We're not having that tonight. You need to get my girl some actual care before you need your own.

Nobody robs banks anymore? You gotta loot mom and pop shops?