On Batwoman Season 2 Episode 17, Kate looks poised to return to her role as Batwoman but Ryan pays the price. Alice and Safiyah discuss their conflict.


Team Batwoman tracks down Circe to The Hold-Up where she's drinking herself into a stupor. While she recovers in the apartment, Ryan tries to convince the team to take it slow.
Alice mourns Ocean. When Mary comes to her for help with Kate, Mary changes her mind and lies about how well Kate is doing.
Luke brings Circe Kate's journals and the keys to her motorbike. Circe rides the bike to give Roman and Safiyah the journals.
Ryan gets ahold of a laptop with the details of Roman's finances on it. When she returns to the Batcave, she overhears Kate stating that she's ready to be Batwoman again.
Ryan moves back into her van and starts looking at the laptop but Black Mask's GCPD officers raid her van, take back the laptop and frame her for drug possession.
The team gives Circe the suit to help Ryan escape but she shoots them all with knock-out darts and then explores the cave until she finds the collection of Batman's enemies' weapons.
Ryan convinces her parole officer that she's being set up and fights her way out. She arrives at the Batcave and finds the team locked in the elevator. Circe returns and fires a crossbow at the elevator. She and Ryan fight while the team uses the arrows to escape the elevator. She leaves with everything she came for.
Safiyah confronts Alice and offers her sanctuary on Coryana, explaining Circe is stealing Poison Ivy's plant to help her repopulate the Desert Rose plants. Alice stabs her with the Desert Rose dagger.
Roman shows Tavaroff the stolen villain weapons while Circe cuts up the Batwoman suit.

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On Batwoman Season 2 Episode 17, Batwoman struggles as Black Mask continues to raise the stakes with Circe as his henchwoman while Alice and Safiyah cross paths.

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All that Bat-tech and the one place we didn't look was inside of a tequila bottle.


'Rekindle'... Does it hurt as bad as it smells? Let's try... 'Remember'