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Cat must find a date for her father's wedding.

Heather asks Evan to be her date to their father's wedding.

Vincent really wants to go to the wedding with Cat.

Cat pretends to join a dating agency to investigate a murder.

Cat admits she lied about having a boyfriend.

Vincent shows up at the wedding and they dance.

Vincent is becoming less human. 

Vincent saves Cat from an accident as Evan and Heather come upon the scene, with Vincent in beast mode.

Beauty and the Beast
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Beauty and the Beast Season 1 Episode 9 Quotes

Vincent: I can handle being Vincent Zilansky. Forever.
Cat: But if anything bad ever happened to you because I didn't want to go to a wedding alone, I would never be able to forgive myself. Thank you, but I cannot let you do this for me.

I am so relieved, I feel as festive as you look.


Beauty and the Beast Season 1 Episode 9 Music

  Song Artist
Lexi strate unstoppable we got that feelin Unstoppable (We Got That Feelin') Lexi Strate iTunes
Song Silver Streets BOY
J day we got heart We Got Heart J Day iTunes