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Cat and Vincent wake up after making love to pure bliss.

Tess learns some information that changes her relationship with Cat.

A murder is immediately pinned on the vigilante.

Gabe says he will process every vigilante equally, even if it's the police chief.

Muirfield asks Evan to tamper with evidence so they can get to him first and he agrees.

Evan tested Cat's scarf, turned on her and then said it was for her own good.

Vincent decides to give himself up, via fire, to the task force and J.T., Vincent and Cat come up with a plan to burn their place down with a cadaver inside.

J.T. learns Evan is working with Muirfield

Muirfield gets to the loft and it explodes. The task force thinks Vincent is eviscerated.

Gabe is the killer.

After Tess spent the episode learning about Vincent, she runs into him in the passageway and shoots him.

Cat is distraught.

Beauty and the Beast
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Beauty and the Beast Season 1 Episode 15 Quotes

Cat: The last time I really liked a guy...
Vincent: Hmm...liked.
Cat: Okay, after what we just did, you, you really don't need to be fishing for compliments.
Vincent: I'm not, I'm clarifying.

Cat: I know how to pick 'em.
Vincent: Hey!
Cat: Past tense.