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Tess investigates when a billionaire's wife turns up dead.

Cat talks to the police counselor about Vincent instead of the shooting.

Cat catches Alex stealing items from the hospital medical supply closet.

Vincent doesn't want to tell Alex about his secret to spare her the risks.

Cat tells Vincent what she saw Alex doing.

Alex is running an undercover care unit for people who can't pay.

Evan and J.T. go out into the night to do some research on the "case" together.

Alex almost gets Vincent arrested.

Evan tells J.T. he is taking evidence to his boss to get a task force together to track the beast.

Evan's date is working on behalf of Meerfield.

Cat admits her feelings to the department shrink, then to Vincent.

Vincent wants to go back to his old life and run away with Alex to do it.

Beauty and the Beast
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Beauty and the Beast Season 1 Episode 10 Quotes

Vincent: You and Catherine, you risk so much to keep me safe.
J.T.: And you don't want Alex to take the same risks.
Vincent: No.

Cat: You don't need to explain. She was your fiancée. You were planning a life together for years.
Vincent: Six years and an entire childhood.