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JT has been drinking and Tess needs him. Cat is missing.

There is a large-scale investigation as the police search for Vincent. Cat hasn't shown up for work, so Gabe decides to go search for her.

JT remembers a rendesvous point and meets with Vincent. Vincent doesn't want to run anymore. Tess comes in with the news about Cat.

Gabe goes to JT's and when he doesn't share where Vincent is Gabe arrests him. Vincent was hiding on the balcony. He can sense where Cat was and what happened.

Gabe fesses up that he was the one who turned in Vincent. Told ya so!

All of a sudden Vincent is very fast, like The Flash fast. Was he always that fast?

Gabe tries to turn JT against Vincent in the interrogation room.

Gabe is out of his mind. He talks in circles.

Tess calls Gabe out on holding JT.

Gabe says things are going to blow up on Vincent and soon and Tess and Catherine need to pick sides.

Special Agent Henry Knox and Agent Jay Bates have kidnapped Cat, by necessity, they say. They really need her help. An undercover agent was taken by the terrorist group she was investigating and if they don't find her before they smuggle her off the island, they'll kill her. After they toture her.

Dana Landon suggested that the agents find Cat and Vincent because they might be able to help. Cat doesn't believe him, until Knox says he might be able to get Vincent exonerated.

Vincent thinks JT is going above and beyond the call of duty and taking too much risk for him.

Cat overpowers her captors just as Vincent finds her.

Gabe thinks he can spin it that Vincent kidnapped Cat so he can save Cat's skin.

Vincent tells Cat he doesn't want to go on the run. They didn't get a chance to think things through with the helicopters circling. Cat thinks they need to think about what's best for Vincent, not them as a couple.

Things don't seem right when Tess starts saying "Gabe says." She just wants it all to end before it bites them all in the ass.

Gabe holds a press conference and Tess is standing behind him.

Cat and Vincent go to Agent Knox. Vincent believes him. He wants them to run into the UN. If they get caught, they'd be on their own. Knox appeals to Vincent and Cat, but Cat wants the exoneration in writing first.

Cat doesn't want to work with them anymore. She thinks there is no hope for Vincent. She says it's too late and leaves JT.

The FBI is relatively useless, if we're go believe Knox.

Tess spots Vincent on surveillance and decides to tell Gabe. She tells him he's working on something to get Vincent exonerated. Tess trusts Gabe to protect her friends.

Before they can get into the building, Gabe and his goons are in the area. Thankfully, JT fed the surveillance into Gabe's camera and Tess was in on it. It was a red herring.

Cat gets in and Vincent tracks her to Agent Mallory.

Gabe gets wind of what Tess did. He's not happy.

Everything goes down as planned except Gabe has the authority to rescind the exoneration. Cat calls him on it and he says he plans on destroying Vincent.

Vincent wants Cat to be sure she's willing to go through with everything.


Beauty and the Beast
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Beauty and the Beast Season 2 Episode 18 Quotes

The thing is, I don't want to run anymore. I don't know what I was thinkin'. I don't want to leave Cat behind.


Tess: How much did you leave after I left?
JT: I was drowning my sorrows, generally being self-destructive.