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Agent Knox gives Cat and Vincent a chance to extricate and live normal lives, but forces beyond their control drag them back onto the fray.

Cat and Vincent consider leaving, but Vincent doesn't want to leave "home." He thinks once the witness testifies against Gabe they'll get back to normal. 

Tess calls to tell Cat about the missing witness. Vincent will track him (sporting his cap disguise) and Cat will ... do something.

Tess goes to Gabe's house about Jack Watson and his first thought is about Cat thinking he's a bad guy. 

Vincent senses, in full Technicolor, that Gabe killed Jack Watson.

Gabe pulls the "prove it, where's the body" defense at his suggestion he offed the witness.

People scream "that's him, that's the fugitive" in a crowded park.

Agent Knox has Cat and Vincent in his office. Gabe did block the exoneration, despite what others think, he does have that power with the BaTB DA's office. He can block a federal exoneration of Vincent. 

Knox wants the couple out of town and off the grid -- to vanish -- while he takes care of business.

VinCat says goodbye to Tess and JT.

Gabe visits the square hours later and amazingly, the dude who talked to the news is still there. He then goes to Cat's apartment and starts questioning her neighbors.

VinCat arrive at their house. It's amazing. They are the Vaughns. Vincent comes into the kitchen in a robe. They're Tim and Veronica and Veronica is a mystery novelist.

Tess tells JT to be less Robin and more Batman, to step out of Vincent's shadow. How would he track Gabe? Electronically. Cell towers.

A neighbor meets Vincent outside. They just sent their son to college after 15 years of marriage. Sex out of wedlock. Whoops!

Neighbor Frank's wife April talks about a recent burglary at their jewelry store. She's jumpy since then.

A policeman is scanning the hood and Vincent gets jumpy. Gunshots are fired.. the dude shot Frank.

Barbie and Ken aren't having a good time in suburbia.

Cat can't stop herself from getting involved with the murder. Vincent scurries her away -- meeting with the pastor!

Vincent thinks Cat is trying to sabotage what they're doing and reminds her he's a wanted man. They have to stay out of suburban mysteries. She refuses to just be someone on the run who doesn't care. That's not who she is. She's out for justice.

Tess and JT head into some catacombs for fresh bones. Gabe is there. Guns drawn and Gabe asks about Vincent.

JT essentially tells Gabe he's nuts for thinking this will get Cat back. Gabe will expose everyone if they don't back off or tell him about Vincent.

Cat is still trying to track down a murderer. Vincent is eating cereal and talking to his fish. Cat doesn't want normal. Vincent decides to stride across the street and just ask -- did you kill your husband? 

Cat gets to the deputy and when she see's he's not wearing his bullet-proof vest and knew about when Cat first met April that he and April were having an affair.

Cat gets into a car accident and Vincent tracks her down. She'll have to testify and blew their cover. The deputy is dead.

JT is sulking. He and Tess talk about their friends. JT wanted to make it safe for Vincent to come back and thinks he failed. They are adorable.

Vincent realizes that no matter where they end up, Kat has to keep kicking ass. It's who he fell in love with and it's her normal.


Beauty and the Beast
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