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Cat, Tori and Tess are taken hostage and Vincent must risk exposing his identity to the entire precinct in order to save them. 

Cat sees photos of Vincent and Tori in the society pages wearing the stolen necklace. Cat thinks he might be trying to drag out the thieves.

Cat and Gabe are throwing Tess a surprise party for her birthday party and he's preparing to hang a cheesy banner. Cat leans in for a kiss, but he turns away.

Cat tells Gabe that the necklace is actually hers, and she has unresolved feelings about the case and the information that Agent Landon gave her.

Agent Landon wants Cat and friends to bring in Tori and they talk her out of it.

A cop in the precinct lets the cat out of the bag about the party by mentioning the cake and she's angry again about the thought of Tori and Vincent.

Cat arrests Tori on the houseboat and Vincent cries abuse of power.

Outside the houseboat were thugs waiting to get the necklace from Tori.

Russians come into the houseboat and Gabe kills them. Vincent is not happy because he wanted to find out what they were looking for.

Cat, Tess and Tori all argue amongst themselves about primal connections, jealousy and actual versus staged dated. It's a disaster.

Back at the houseboat, Vincent and Gabe have words over Cat and Vincent discovers that Cat is the one waiting for Gabe this time around.

Agent Landon has someone forcibly remove the necklace from Tori's necklace and she tosses him out the window of the interior office. He is one of the Russian thugs.

There is a hostage situation and the nice fellow who was teasing Tess about her birthday was shot dead.

Gabe arrives unhurridly to the scene.

Cat talks the thugs into locking her in a cell with Tori while they decide what to do.

At first Vincent intends on going in for the necklace, and then he learns that Cat is in there, as well as Tori.

Cat gets Tori to beast out by talking smack about her and Vincent but she runs out without removing Cat's cuffs.

Cat and Gabe connect via cell phone and he tells her Vincent is inside looking for her, that he's unresolved about her. He suggests she try talking to him and says when it's over, he wants to be with her.

Looking for Vincent, Cat finds Tori and Tori attacks her. Cat knocks her out just before Vincent arrives, dumbfounded.

Vincent tells Cat about the history of the jewel that was in her family's possession and that it was used to control beasts. She said if innocent lives are at risk because these people are trying to control beasts, she still wants to stop them.

Landon profiles Tess, telling her that she must really like her birthday because her life isn't really about her or she would let it go like everyone else over the age of 12.

When shots ring out, Cat appeals to Vincent to please come and help so that Tess is not killed. He shows up in the room, hands in the air. They recognize the war hero, and he says he has the necklace.

Vincent tells the thugs he doesn't want to get angry, and the guy who is getting ready to search him says the read head said the same thing before she threw him out the window. The lights go off, the hostages run and Cat is held by someone else. Vincent goes beast and they try to find out who the man worked for, but they shoot him.

Cat admits to Gabe she was unresolved and says he knew her better than she knows herself. Gabe is going to wait for Cat to get to know herself.

Tess tries to take back what she almost revealed to Landon.

Vincent tells Cat they need to get the necklace back and then she learns Vincent had the gem on him and so he couldn't hear her when she was praying to him to come help her save the hostages and Tess. He had come on his own.

The drunk guy in the precinct was a plant. He had the necklace.

Beauty and the Beast
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Beauty and the Beast Season 2 Episode 11 Quotes

Cat: Um. OK. Did I miss my window? I mean, recently you put it out there that you feel like there's more between us but...
Gabe: I have and there is. It's just, you seem like you're...
Cat: What? Is this because I brought in that paper? I'm not jealous. I am over Vincent. I can't believe I was ever with somebody like that. I mean last week he chose a necklace over a human life. He's unrecognizable.
Gabe: I was gonna say it seems like you have some unresolved anger.

And your place in all this? Your mother? She corrupted my DNA. Your father? He wiped my memory and then tried to obliterate me and now there's some woman in the 1800s who had this jewel that fits into a beast leash.