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Vincent and Cat come together to try and figure out why Gabe's acquaintances are going missing. 

Vincent is having sexy dreams about Cat, meanwhile Cat called Gabe Vincent while they were in Cancun.

Tess has a hard time acting sad at Gabe's funeral.

Cat has to break the news to Gabe that not many people showed up to his funeral and he admits he sent most of his own flowers.

Gabe tells Cat to take Vincent to keep her safe as she tracks Sam.

While at the hospital Vincent takes it upon himself to send an incoming patient to the ER. Stat.

Cat is disappointed Vincent didn't ask his mentor to help get them into see Jacob Sutter at the hospital.

Sam continues tracking down and injecting all the Jacob Sutters while Vincent dresses as a doctor to gain quarantine access.

Cat goes to see her dad to find out what he knows about Sam's desire to make a beast. He says beasts will consume her and she'll have to kill them all, Vincent included, to ever be free.

Sam found the right Jacob Sutter and made a beast.

Gabe can't help because he runs the risk of being turned back into a beast.

J.T. did make the serum that Sam is using to create beasts.

The beast attacks Vincent as he tries not to fight back. Sam wanted the beast to finish him off and the beast walked out freely.

Vincent's mentor trusts him to deliver the serum.

Gabe finally figures out that Sam and Tony Barnes are the same person.

Cat stops the game of cat and mouse just as Sam walks in on Gabe with Jacob the beast. Gabe is shot with a dart.

Sam is nearly a beast again because the new beast is so much stronger than Vincent. Catherine shows up and shoots the beast.

Cat and Gabe hadn't even made it home before Sam found another kid from the orphanage.

Gabe puts the facts of his relationship with Catherine and their entanglement with Vincent on the line.

Cat goes to tell Vincent they can't talk anymore, and he pleads that he loves her and they're meant to be together. She gets angry and pushes him and he falls, hitting his head on the kitchen island, dying instantly. Cat wakes up screaming.

Beauty and the Beast
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