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On Valentine's Day, Cat and Vincent team up to track down Sam's captor and feelings resurface.

Cat thinks she finds cave under the area where Sam was held all of those years and asks him about it. He claims to have no knowledge.

Sam and Dana are preparing to renew their vows on Valentine's Day.

Tess and Cat get a new Chief at the precinct. They have more assigned cases and less closed cases than any others. He calls them the weak link.

Sam wants the whole gang to go to upstate NY for Valentine's day to keep them safe after Sam Landon is assaulted in his department.

While Catherine was asking Gabe about the weekend, he was getting a passport photo taken.

Cat starts to suspect Sam when she realizes that they've been burning bodies beneath him for years and he didn't tell them about it.

Sam tries to finger Gabe as Barnes.

Vincent thinks Cat is trying to project things onto Vincent because she's not ready to start something new and she was betrayed.

Gabe tells Cat he planned a trip to Mexico for he and Cat and that's why he sounded weird to her on the phone.

Vincent finds the serum J.T. created in Gabe's apartment and Gabe realizes that Cat only had him over to give Vincent time to search his apartment.

The "Blind Chemist" sent an email to the Sam's attacker first saying just scare him, and then saying to put him in the ground.

Vincent realizes he's still in love with Catherine and J.T. tells him to start wooing.

Cat finally comes to the conclusion that Sam's the lead to Barnes and he orchestrated his own fake attack.

Vincent struggles with acting as if he's Cat's date.

Sam has hidden the detonator inside the ring box, and Vincent must save both Cat and Gabe.

Cat asks Dana to decide if she wants to pretend to be dead and go into witness protection or not because they didn't tell Sam whether or not she survived.

Gabe has to be dead, as well.

Gabe and Vincent set some ground rules about their new positions in Cat's life as signifigant other and friend.

After J.T. spent the week sending Tess flowers, chocolates and solving old cases on her behalf, she got carried away, too, and booked them a room at the inn.


Beauty and the Beast
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Beauty and the Beast Season 2 Episode 13 Quotes

Eighty-seven? I don't think Barnes is trying to make an octogenarian beast.


Cat: NYPD put your hands up! Turn around. Gabe! What are you doing here?
Gabe: I'm bringing ya coffee.
Cat: Well I could have shot you.
Gabe: Well I didn't think that part through.