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On Beauty and the Beast Season 3 Episode 6, Cat and Vincent have some family time with their respective families.

JT and Cat arrange for a surprise visit from Vincent's cousin, Hank, but things don't go smoothly after Hank is shot by a sniper. Vincent is able to take the sniper down and, while at the hospital, he gets a better idea of who Hank is. Hank tries to guilt Vincent over not contacting the family and states Vincent and his brother's were always the special ones because of them being martyrs. Vincent takes immediate offense and he eventually says his goodbyes to his cousin who reveals he only came back because he wanted Vincent's endorsement for his campaign.

Cat doesn't want to have family time with her aunts because she's been holding onto the anger of what her mother was involved in and blames her for what happened to Vincent. Cat finally has enough and goes off after Heather gives a touching speech talking about how proud their mother would be. Cat visits her father who reminds Cat that she needs to forgive her mother and that she should look at the box of things she left for her. Later, Cat goes through the various items and finds a videotape of her mom where she asks for forgiveness and Cat is finally able to let go of her anger. 

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Beauty and the Beast Season 3 Episode 6 Quotes

JT: Listen, um, you're not mad at me about all this, right?
Vincent: No. Not at all man. Look, I wanted to connect with my family, I just never know how.

Cat: I cannot justify going for tea with my mom's sisters when somebodies hunting Vincent.
Tess: They're not hunting Vincent, they're hunting beasts. They don't even know that he is one.