On Beauty and the Beast Season 3 Episode 2, Cat and Vincent go after an extraodinary person/experiments. Will they get the answers they're looking for?

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When you watch Beauty and the Beast Season 3 Episode 2, you'll see just how advanced some of these extraodinary people/experiments are. As Vincent moves in with Cat, he starts exhibiting beast behavior due to the stress of change and, according to JT, Vincent's fight or flight instincts are kicking in causing him to beast out. Vincent decides to go back to the apartment to surprise Cat, but gets a surprise himself when he walks in on Heather taking a shower. Heather reveals her fiance broke up with her and now she's back in New York, but she doesn't want Cat to know yet. Meanwhile, Vincent and Cat get a lead on a suspect named Alton Finn who was also experimented on and he able to control electricity with his mind. Alton is after the cure to his problem and was awaiting the second dose of serum, until it was givent to JT instead to save his life. Alton basically kidnaps JT and forces him to come up with the cure himself, but before Alton can do any harm to JT, Vincent comes to save the day. The men start to fight, but Cat comes in to break the fight up and tells both men that they can't give in to the dark side and Alton can fight the people who experminted on him. By the end of the episode, Agent Thomas begs Vincent to find out who is behind these experiments, but before he can reveal too much he is shot in the head. If you missed the episode, you're in luck! You can watch Beauty and the Beast online now via TV Fanatic.

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On Beauty and the Beast Season 3 Episode 2, Cat and Vincent go after another extraodinary person/experiment. Will they get the answers they're looking for?

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Beauty and the Beast Season 3 Episode 2 Quotes

Cat: If we move the couches, then the french doors would be blocked.
Vincent: Yeah, but it's really hard to play video games when the sun's glaring off the screen -- no cast.
Cat: Video games? How loud are these video games because I like to sit out here and do case work. Also, I emptied a drawer for you to put all your bills and your paperwork in, so we can merge all of that stuff too.

JT: Panic attack, fear of commitment -- it's just guy stuff.
Vincent: No, no no; guys do not beast out when they're moving in with their girl.
JT: True, but that's how your primal brain shows fight or flight.