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Sally, Josh and Aidan hang out at a bar, and Josh sees Nora on a date. Josh sulks at work while watching Nora and the date Doctor Reed, cavort in the hallway. Later, they make plans for another date. The date takes place the night before Josh is to turn, and when he and Nora make out he starts making wolf sounds, and quickly ends the date.

Aidan shows Sally to an old, haunted part of the hospital to see if it helps her on her journey to the hereafter. Ghosts are roaming the halls, and there is writing of ghosts all over the walls.

Aidan meets a young neighbor named Bernie, being bullied in the street. He lost his keys and Aidan takes him home to play Go Fish while he waits for his mother to get home.

Aidan and Bernie become unlikely friends, and while they are playing ball in the park, Rebecca comes by to say she misses him.

Forgetting Nora is working nights, Josh heads to the hospital to turn in the basement. When he runs into Nora, she corners him and they stow away in a cleaning closet to make out. Josh goes wolfen and strips off Nora's pants, growling. He then hightails it out of there when they are finished.

Sally watches Josh get naked and change in the house, while Aidan stands watch outside.

Bernie mistakenly takes the Rebecca video when Aidan offers him the Three Stooges. His mother is horrified and tells him to stay away from her son.

Josh and Nora decide to see where the future takes them.

Being Human
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Being Human Season 1 Episode 8 Quotes

Aidan: You know, I've been thinking about last night, and you were right not to make a move.
Josh: Really?
Aidan: No. Look at them. Josh, you can't let Nora go out with that bastard.
Josh: Maybe she's into bastards; I don't know. As long as she's happy, right?

What? You're always throwing it in my face that I'm a ghost. Let's put it to use.