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Bernie is struck by a car while trying to get away from his bullies, and Aidan helps Cindy at the hospital.

Sally runs into an old dead classmate, Nick, from the hospital message wall. She imagines what her life would be like if she ended up with him.

While Sally and Nick spend time together, she learns some frightening things about being a ghost. He tells her the only way he feels alive is when he is reliving his death.

While watching a movie with Nora, Josh has a dream that he turns in front of Nora. He tries to dial back the relationship, but in doing so drives Nora away. They eventually come to an understanding.

Aidan goes to the vampire den while he is in distress over what happened to Bernie.

Rebecca turns Bernie into a wicked little vampire. Bernie gets vengeance on his bullies. Aidan and Rebecca must decide what to do with him.

Being Human
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Being Human Season 1 Episode 9 Quotes

Nora: You're such a nerd
Josh: Yes, but a sexy nerd. I'm like a living oxymoron.

That awful need to touch someone; be touched. For some of us, it just won't die. And eventually, that need will take you to your breaking point. Frankenstein's monster, poor bastard, couldn't stop reaching out. But, Dracula had it easy. He drank, he killed. End of story. He wasn't interested in being friends.