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Danny tosses Sally's ring into the river, and it slowly rolls down the stairs at the house and back into sally's hands. She continues to take the ring and fling herself into Danny's place, dropping the ring in front of him. Danny's true colors come out when he physically hurts Bridget, thinking she is planting the ring.

Rebecca attacks a man and sends the video to Aidan. She IS working with Bishop to bring him back to the fold, but says she is doing it because she has no choice. Aidan confronts her and they get nowhere.

Josh's sister, Emily, shows up and needs a place to stay. She moves into the house as Sally is in the middle of a crisis shaking the house. Amazingly, Emily doesn't really think much of it.

Bishop's right hand man, Marcus, is watching the house.

Josh invites Nora over to dinner and it goes really well.

The rest of the house goes to a club to give Josh privacy for his date. Sally meets a fellow dead girl who eggs her on in her vengeance for Danny. Rebecca shows up courtesy of Marcus in yet another plea to get to him. Marcus follows Emily out of the club. She shows up at the house beaten.

Being Human
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Being Human Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

The Vatican Tweets! I hate this decade.


Although I'm not past torching a brulee on occasion. Because men... enjoy... torching things.