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Aidan assists Suren's bid to claim Boston on this episode of Being Human.

Nora wakes up in a pile of leaves and rushes to Josh’s house. 

Josh is beside himself with worry over where Nora went.

Josh finds out he turned Nora.

Aidan and Suren try to come to an understanding on how he will best aid her growth as Boston’s leader.

Sally hangs with Stevie and his friends and gets in over her head in the ghostly realm.

Sally and Nora can now have a friendship, since Nora can see the dead.

Nora struggles with her new life, but Josh will stand by her side.

Being Human
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Being Human Season 2 Episode 2 Quotes

I'm sorry. I get really nervous around bad news and I just have to eject as soon as possible.


Nora: I had no idea you were so were so beautiful.
Sally: You can see me? Oh my God, Nora, I've been wanting to talk to you for so long! How can you see me? You're not dead are you?
Nora: I'm a wolf.