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Josh must choose between Nora and Julia this week.

Josh and Julia and Aidan and Suren have a double date.

Aidan and Suren finally discuss their past, present and future.

Sally tries to drown out Scott the reaper with loud television.

Mother frees Aidan by requiring that every vampire sever ties with him or suffer death.

Suren and Aidan decide to run away together.

Nora tells Josh how to lift the curse of being a werewolf, but won't do it herself because of how much she loves Josh.

Suren demands live food, and Aidan jeopardizes their position to satisfy her.

Henry betrays Aidan.

Josh chooses Julia.



Being Human
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Being Human Season 2 Episode 11 Quotes

Well I am guilty, aren't I? She's in the psych ward because I possessed her.


I feel like I'm watching stories with my memaw!