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Sally bonds with Nurse Zoe and tries to help her with her love live.

Josh helped smuggle a werewolf out of the psych ward at the request of his sister. It turns out they are "purebreds" born as werewolves.

Aidan walked down memory lane about his past with Suren.

Zoe recommends a ghost group for Sally to join and she reconnects her old friend Rick.

The purebred twins want to help Josh find a cure. But while he wants a cure, they want to be wolves all the time.

Overcome with the need to feel, Sally inhabits another living being.

Aidan and Suren fail to turn an informant, but rather eat him instead.



Being Human
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Being Human Season 2 Episode 4 Quotes

Uh...I have very sensitive retinas, so....


Were you playing hard to get or were you auditioning for The Miracle Worker?