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Sally comes face to face with the force that's been haunting her.

Nora returns to the hospital, and to Josh.

Aidan figures out Josh went to Cecilia when she goes missing.

The purebreds are stalking Aidan and have Cecilia held captive. They want to meet.

Danny has come back for Sally after being killed in prison.

Nora and Josh survive the night with Aidan, but may not survive as a couple.

Aidan kills Connor and turns him over to Hadley to avenge Hagerman.

A reaper has come for Sally, and he has to take her to bring balance to the universe.



Being Human
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Being Human Season 2 Episode 7 Quotes

Okay, those guys are my friends. Except for the one guy who tried to rape me. But he's dead. Holla!


Why is the bathroom mirror calling me a whore?