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Sally travels back in time to make contact with someone from the past. 

Josh wakes up next to Wendy naked instead of Nora. He's shocked. She tells him wolves are wolves.

Robbie shows up to tell Aidan and Josh they need to move or buy the house. He wants $300,000 as is.

Josh suggests he and Nora move out on their own.

One of Sally's plans is to haunt the house to save it.

Susanna finds Aidan on his way into a blood bank.

Sally makes a putrid smell for the buyers and goes back in time to see herself and Danny talking to Robbie on the day she moved in.

Josh meets with Wendy and he gets upset when she says she wants to tell Mark. 

Lil' Smokie attacks a child of one of the couples Robbie brings to the house.

Josh asks Nora to consider leaving Boston.

Susanna works in a bar and he takes Josh and tells him about her. Aidan tells Josh to keep the wolf infidelity secret to protect Nora, as Susanna listens in remembering her own secret.

Sally witnesses her brother's relationship with Danny while she's back in the past.

Susanna and Aidan get it on at the bar.

Josh comes close to telling Nora bout Wendy but before he can, Mark shows up and punches him in the face. After Mark beats on him a while, and then Josh turns into his half wolf to beat him down before Nora stops him.

Susanna tells Aidan that she wants to help him get to the point he only needs as much blood as she does. They dare each other to maintain strength. Aidan wants to retain his humanity and he tells Susanna he won't protect her if she kills again.

Nora thinks Josh's wolf is winning because he told her he is more in tune with his wolf. She says she can't take it anymore.

While Robbie is downstairs working on the plumbing, the spirit of the house kills him by electrocution while Sally isn't there to care for him.

Aidan kills in the house again and calls Kenny for clean-up.

Sally goes home and discovers Robbie. 




Being Human
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Being Human Season 4 Episode 6 Quotes

It's not like any of us can afford to buy it. I mean half of us don't even really exist.


I'm sorry Baby werewolf beats a dancing cat video anytime.