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Sally tries to use her time jumping abilities to find out more about her friends.

Aidan tries to get Aidan to understand about being a vampire. He shows her his black eyes and she starts to ask questions. Lots of questions. He even tells her about Sally.

Josh and Nora meet Mark and Wendy, who were attacked with Andrew and Caroline, when they visit to check in on the new parents and baby April. Nora decides to throw a baby shower for Caroline.

Aidan takes the breakup with Kat very poorly. Kat also tells Nora she's moving out of her house.

Josh's sister, Emily, shows up, clean and sober.

Kenny is following Aidan. He wants to cheer him up.

The baby shower turns into a pack gathering. Andrew asked Mark to bring his entire pack, because he and Caroline are thinking of joining.

Aidan and Kenny show up to the wolf party and make the best of it. Mark wolf isn't impressed with them and asks Josh why he lives with them.

Sally sees Emily is suffering, wanting alcohol very badly, and decides to put a spell on her so she can see and hear her. It doesn't seem to work.

After the spell, Sally goes back in time to the zoot suit era and sees Aidan and Henry in their attire with two girls as they leave a swanky club.

Aidan starts to see Kat in all of the guests at the baby shower. 

Sally goes back in time and again and throws herself into the body of one of his victims to try to stop him, but is unsuccessful and Sally feels what it's like to be drained by a vampire through the body of an old woman.

Sally's view of Aidan changes a bit after she sees what he was once like.

The werewolves turn on Kenny for unnecessary reasons and it becomes a fight between Kenny and Aidan and all of the wolves. Mark isn't a good guy. He tries to tell Josh that Kenny is a time bomb.

What happened to Emily was because of Sally, not anything that Kenny did. As usual, she Sallied it up again. 

Josh and Sally talk about what it means to have family.

Aidan imagines compelling Kat to talk to him and making her love him forever. He doesn't go through with it.

Sally gives Aidan a pass for going through a rough patch, but wonders if he deserves the pain because of what he went through in the past.

Kenny and Astrid made a real connection, and he offers to wipe Kat out of Aidan's head if he really wants it.

Josh and Nora decide to help the pack and change with them at the next full moon.

Being Human
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Being Human Season 4 Episode 5 Quotes

Are you ready for the curtain?


Kat: I'm not scared of the situation, I'm scared of you. It's you.
Aidan: OK. If you need me to go, I can...
Kat: Yes, please.