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Josh and Nora get a view of their possible future.

Sally looks for help solving the mystery of Lil' Smokie. 

Aidan dreams that Kat is a vampire and then Kenny wakes him up to tell him "Buffy" is coming after him next. 

Kenny is trying to keep the morale up with the nut job on the loose.

Josh and Nora have a hard time forgiving Kenny, but they agree the unpredictable nature of what they are has to allow for human error and making mistakes. Josh decides to jog it out.

Sally goes to her old friend Zoe for help with Lil' Smokie.

On his run, Josh discovers a pregnant werewolf, Caroline. She and her husband were attacked in the Berkshires. After five years of trying to get pregnant, she did after the first turn. Now, at three months she looks full term. Josh wants to take her to Nora so she they could see what's in there.

Kat goes to the townhome to make vacation plans with Aidan and he ushers her out to go do something else.

Sally and Zoe discover something about the family, the Bensons, and their daughter Beatrice. 

Nora doesn't know if she wants to do more wolf outreach.

Aidan confronts Susanna. She wants to kill vampires before they kill people. That is her purpose.

Susanna drinks 70ml of blood a day. One heartbeats worth and that's all she needs. 

Aidan wants to give the vampires a chance to prove themselves, but Susanna says it's us or it's them. 

Sally and Zoe discover Beatrice didn't die, and her daughter is a clone.

Kat says she wishes Aidan would be more open with his past and if she didn't know him she'd think he was a sociopath. Aidan flashes to Blake wiping her memories.

The baby the Caroline is carrying looks more wolf than human.

Lil' Smokie Jr. was staring at Zoe and Sally when they left and Sally tries to get Zoe roped back in.

Aidan tells Kenny about Susanna and then tells Susanna she has five minutes to get out of town.

The Caroline's water broke, and they dropped by Josh and Nora's.

When Aidan confesses to Susanna he just wants to live a real life, she tells him that he can't do it because he'll either want to turn Kat, Kat will want to be turned or he'll kill her. If he wants them both to be happy, he has to let her go.

Zoe is now a lesbian, but she didn't tell Sally because she didn't want Sally it up. She didn't find Beatrice to help Sally, but to protect them from her.

Josh tries to talk to the Andrew about purebreds but nothing could have prepared him for what his wife gave birth to. They think their daughter is perfect, and as soon as soon as the beastly baby starts breast feeding, she turns human.

Beatrice unfolds the original photo she was in with her family, and a Lil' Smokie clone was in the upstairs windown, staring down. Twins? A ghost?

Aidan goes to Kat's to tell her the truth about who he is. He starts by telling her about being in the war and that his childhood was in the 1760s. 

Being Human
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Being Human Season 4 Episode 4 Quotes

I'm the only thing alive that knows the best part of you. The human part. And you miss it, cause I've seen how you live.


No, we're not sneaking in. The last time I was here, I assaulted somebody, so...