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Sally does everything she can to prevent her vision of Aidan from coming true on the series finale Being Human. 

When Sally sacrifices herself to save Aidan and turn him human, Ramona goes crazy.

Josh, Nora and Aidan go to Nora's place and try to start life again, even without Sally.

After eating a lot, Aidan goes back to trailer and gets drunk.

Aidan breaks down and cries, passing out in the snow, where he wakes up the next morning.

A contractor goes to the house and Ramona confronts him. She lures him up to her room and kills him.

Aidan is shutting down as he ages rapidly. He and Nora have to break the news to Josh.

Aidan smelled the baby when he was still a vampire and lets the news slip when he's asking them to live the week he has left.

Aidan imagines seeing Sally when he's out by himself. He sees a young vampire and gives him gives him advice. The guy wants to be human again, like Aidan. he says all he can think about it going back. He tells the youngin' he's going to turn him.

Josh stops Aidan from giving up what Sally gave to him, even if it's only for a week. Aidan admits he's afraid to die and says he's a coward. Josh says he's human.

Aidan sees an article about a murdered construction worker in their house.

Aidan offers to take one for the team so Josh and Nora can live with their baby. Josh won't allow it, but Aidan goes in alone with some "stuff."

Aidan can barely maneuver the stairs any longer he has aged so much.

Ramona tries to make Aidan feel like her existence, while brouht about by Sally, was fed by Aidan and his bloodlust.

Aidan dies in fall down the stairs the same as Sally. He burns down the house. 

Josh and Nora see Aidan's ghost before he walks through his door and finds Sally. They kiss.

Josh and Nora are lying in a field, dreaming of Sally and Aidan. They think they're dreamweaving from the clouds. They go to get their kids, Aidan and Sally.


Being Human
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