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Lee gets to the hotel and Mary Jane frantically grabs at him. He wonders what's going on. She says it's OK now that he's here.

Niecy is sexing her fellow, who wants to use her settlement money, her car, move into her parents' house. She holds strong, though, wondering why she should be responsible for doing any of those things so he can see his daughter, let alone date her.

Mornings are killing Mary Jane.

Garrett wants Mary Jane to cover Rhonda's story because she's getting an award. Kara immediately wants to step into his game when Rhonda knocks on MJ's door.

Rhonda specifically chose MJ for the story. They would never say it out loud, but the assumption is that there can only be one black woman at the table. Rhonda says let's work together and show them that isn't true.

Rhonda then sets up Mary Jane with the director of her charity. What's up with that?

After the interview, during which Kara interrupts with a question of her own, Mary Jane spots dresses and Rhonda says they're in her size.

Lee and Mary Jane get nekkid and then naked, at a movie theater with real movie popcorn. He's awesome. He's always wanted to sample real American life. American life, American food. He has two kids and turned down the American tour.

Rhonda starts to dig and Mary Jane decides to uninvite Lee from the gala.

Niecy gets only $150,000 from the settlement and Dante talks her into a $45k car instead of investing it for Tre or her initial car budget of $13k.

Mary Jane is leaning far away from Lee on all aspects. Kara thinks she's crazy.

Rhonda introduces Mary Jane to her family and her husband oversells his wife's excitement about having MJ on board.

Mary Jane cnnects with Corey, but forgets who is her ally and who is a roadblock.

MJ's fascination with Rhonda starts to hurt Kara in her core. Is it a black thing? Before she leaves, Kara and MJ spit some spanish back and forth and end their night in an argument.

Rhonda gets out of Mary Jane her Justin Talbot story.

Rhonda really wants Corey to get close to Mary Jane. It screams red flag. When he gives Mary Jane a ride home, she runs into Lee, who was trying there to leave something on her pillow. He can't get over the fact she's running from what she wants most, after having begged a total stranger to say I love you. Well, he's done trying to figure her out.

Mary Jane tells Kara about Corey and his Brooklyn place, and the two of them realize there's something amiss with Rhonda's charity. What they're missing is that Rhonda is probably involved, too, especially when they see the gal who bought the brownstone is her husband.

There has to be a reason Rhonda wanted Mary Jane to do the interview.

But when Mary Jane goes to Rhonda, Rhonda seems legit surprised. She cries and says she knows MJ has to tell Garrett. When Mary Jane and Kara go to tell Garrett (much later than I would have expected), Rhonda is already on the air and confessing what happened with the charity.

Kara is very pissed MJ made a move without her. MJ goes to apologize to Corey, but he's already taken a deal. She's not somebody you want to mess with.

Rhonda is not only in on it with her husband, but she's hired Justin Talbot to make Rhonda uncomfortable.

Being Mary Jane
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Being Mary Jane Season 4 Episode 2 Quotes

If Garrett wants Mary Jane vs Rhonda, then we're going to make sure you come out looking like the heroine and not the villain.


Kara: Let me guess. The Comedian.
Mary Jane: That boy is no joke. He kept me up all night.