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MJ is with PJ in Manhattan, wondering if she can get a place like his, only cheaper.

At the office, Kara and Justin are competing for the same job, and Kara's the odd woman out.

Kara and MJ are interested in real stories about real people, but even when they propose one, it's given to "Natalie" who already has three segments.

They're trying to break up Mary Jane and Kara, as well as demeaning MJ during a staff meeting.

MJ talks with Garrett, who calls in Justin. Since MJ is new, he's using MJ's SNC interviews to critique for the new show shakeup. He chooses the one in which MJ went rogue, calling the white author "an ugly black woman, too."

Justin says she ambushed the woman and was race baiting, and did it without any style.

The look on Garrett's face says he may not agree, but he's not going to have a say.

Kara says to give them a story only they can do.

Lee watches MJ as she pours through old story ideas and leaves her alone to think. Except they're in one room, and stirring tea and watching TV annoys her to death.

Yet when she watches, it makes me think maybe it will spark an idea.

MJ and Lee talk about how expensive NY is. Are they really having a conversation about living together? Yes.

Lee cannot believe the goldmine of material he gets from watching the reality crap, Family Brawlers. MJ starts thinking.

Mary Jane wants to try to bring in Mercedes, the chick from Family Brawlers. Kara goes to bat for her.

When Justin balks, Garrett decides to partner him and Mary Jane.

Justin challenges Mary Jane to either do the story his way, or prove to the world why he was right about her.

Kara is meeting the baseball player. She has a proposition for him. Orlando wanted sex, but she's talking about him getting on camera.

She's interested in making him an anchor. Justin gives her the go ahead to give it a whirl.

She asks about his game day rituals, gets him into his game day jersey and gives him a shot of tequila.

Lee cannot believe MJ is doing an interview with Mercedes.

She saw the Chelsea loft and liked it. Lee wonders about her other preferences. Like her BDSM preferences.

Kara gets the job done with Orlando while MJ tries something new.

When Mercedes gets there, things go from bad to worse, but is the whole thing actually a plan on MJ's part?

She still wants to buy the loft. PJ is getting a massage.

Lee really doesn't like the way things are going with Mary Jane. He wants her to meet her kids before he's ready to contemplate moving in with her.

Kara is excited when MJ gets to work. Mary Jane is a hit. It earned Mary Jane a spot as the resident web correspondent.

Lee drops by and wonders why the TV is off when the new episode of Family Brawlers is about to start. She thought they broke up. He says they fought and now they've made up. Isn't that what adults do?

He tells her to let go of what she thinks is supposed to happen happen.

Orlando takes tequila to Kara's place. Girl deserves a hottie.


Being Mary Jane
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Being Mary Jane Season 4 Episode 3 Quotes

Justin: I think your demeanor is cold, judgmental and haughty. I just don't think that's what our viewers want with their morning coffee.
Garrett: Look, Mary Jane, we all know you have charisma and charm, and that works for the lighter pieces. It's the serious pieces; I just don't think they're for you.

You derail the conversation to promote your own agenda and there's no subtlety in your approach.