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Switzerland 2010, BB is in a yoga class or something sharing her greatest fear from a memory of her mother disappearing when she was three years old.

She fears separation, abandonment, and loss. It doesn't seem possible that whatever the woman does will cure her fear so simply, but I recognize the actor clanging on the triangle who calls BB a very special leaf.

She falls while running and sees a big eye painted on a wall. Everyone is watching.

Haynes and Steven are talking. BB approaches and the two station chiefs meet for the first time.

Haynes is pissed off because BB isn't following his orders. Steven is more than happy to do whatever Haynes says, but BB has no interest in speaking in front of a civilian, especially one who was forced out of his office.

Steven's head pops up, though, when Haynes threatens to send BB home with Robert right beside her.

Daniel meets with Esther about the sale and gets a call from Lena. They have a problem with the buyer.

BB meets with Steven to tell him to stop trying to get his foot back into the door by crushing whatever they're doing. He balks and has no intention of stopping.

While at the track, Hector is discovered and urged to go with a fellow.

Daniel tells Lena Otto doesn't trust her, and she gets irked.

While Emmerich has been helping Valerie, he's getting antsy about going to quite the lengths she's asking.

BB was working a case trying to get a cult leader. When they test their beads communication, he asks her to marry him after promising he'll never leave her.

Hector was brought in by Esther.

Daniel couldn't bank on Lena not shooting anyone, so he took the coil out of her gun. When it came time to kill, she couldn't do it, so he replaced the coil and pretended to do it for her.

She realizes she probably needs a way out of her situation.

Emmerich wonders what Valerie found in her background check. She tells the truth: Her background check found nothing. She doesn't admit to what April might have found with him leaving his phone outside.

Valerie attempts to cut Emmerich loose, but when that's placed on the table, he asks to see the card reader again.

Robert wonders why BB has been laying into everyone, and she tells him about Frost. Robert is surprised, but BB wants to push through so they come out on top making Frost look like the pile of shit he is.

Robert's kid got into trouble at school. He's having trouble accepting his dad's job responsibilities. BB says she can't help.

In 2010, when BB is in another session, the woman cuts too close to home. BB cries when the woman says she hides behind a childhood nickname. The woman says she must stop hiding behind the lies or the darkness will follow her. Their plan goes into motion and BB switches the beads, but part of it is true...

When Lena confronts her dad, Hector wants a word with Otto. Hector doesn't want Otto treating Lena like a dog. She's either in or she's out.

Joseph successfully gets the card read and wants to know when he'll see Valerie again. She's quiet as April is beside her. What's she thinking?

Steven is at Robert's place when Robert gets home with Noah. The two argue about where things stand at the station. When Robert calls him a corporate shill and a has-been, Steven walks out and tells Robert to ask his boss why he won't be taking her place when BB is sent home.

BB remembers a terrible car crash that killed her fiance, and after crying it out goes to see Robert and Noah to support his fake career.

Valerie shreds documents before visiting Emmerich.

She tells him she destroyed his files. Then he gives her the bigger glass of wine. That was nice.

Valerie kisses Joseph Emmerich.

BB's reputation began in 2010 when she "reassigned" Susan, the spiritual guru, who was a CIA operative of some sort.

BB goes to see Haynes to tell him what they learn about the terror attack after Otto lets Lena in on the plan. A bomb on one side of the bridge to send people running to the other side only to explode over there, too.

Since he said not to touch the election, what did he expect her to do?

He says he's not touching this with a ten-foot pole, but if she fails, she's out. She says Robert is off the table. He attempts to shake her hand, but she turns her back on him and walks out the door.

Berlin Station
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Berlin Station Season 2 Episode 4 Quotes

Stop trying to play the good guy. You don't do it nearly as good as you think.


Daniel: Your father doesn't teach you? He keeps a weapon but doesn't teach you how to use it. He plans an attack but doesn't let you in on the target. Your father doesn't trust you.
Lena: You don't know what you're talking about.