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We're picking up with the season premiere from Hector's point of view. He was sleeping on the couch with a naked chick who we can only hope knows him well enough to go along with "Tevor's" story.

Hector is a little bit concerned not only because he doesn't want to get back into the game but because he can't remember his Chevalier backstory.

Lena is directed by Otto to run a background check on Andrew Chevalier.

Once Daniel gets started on old-time stories with Hector, Andrew Chevalier is awakened for storytelling just before he passes Otto's test.

Otto, though, wants to work only with Andrew. Andrew takes offense, reminding Trevor of his place in their business partnership and while Andrew may have passed Otto's test, Otto has by no means passed scrutiny with Andrew. God, I love Rhys Ifans.

They all have to wait around for a person to drop by from the nearest town 25 miles away. Otto has arranged for his test to be passed. Cash arrives in the amount of 100k Euros. 

Daniel and Hector talk amongst themselves. Hector isn't pleased with the whole situation, but Daniel gets him with the "you're in hiding" bit.

Hector and Otto drive to the next spot together while Hector tries to reel in Otto.

Lena is worried about Hector and the whole thing going south when she's the one who introduced Daniel to her father. Daniel assures her it's alright.

I still have no idea who the other guy is. 

Hector drinks again, something he hasn't done for a while. 

Hector cannot believe Daniel brought one of Esther's people to his doorstep. He'd rather trust Otto Ganz than one of Esther's guys. He's proven right when they go into the bathroom and Armando wants to switch out sim cards to call someone. His call? To his mother. WTF?

The gang hits a bazaar and Daniel makes a phone call to Robert who wants him to get Otto talking about the target. Armando walks off with Lena while Otto buys oranges at every stand.

Lena returns but no Armando. Hector offers Lena to drive with him. Literally driving. Hector tries to get Lena to talk about the plan. 

Despite only buying oranges, Otto has a bag of many different vegetables.

Hector shares with Daniel they have a problem with the goon. He is, of course, right. 

Hector invites Otto and friends to stay the night. While Lena is swimming with the goon, she finds his "hidden" sim card. That's an interesting turn.

Hector gets Otto going. Alt-right, alt-left, it's all the same. The only thing that will ever bring around change is war. And that's when Otto admits he's going to make the first shot. 

Lena worries her father is drinking too much, getting loose-lipped. She also worried about Hector because he challenges her father. He doesn't say yes and it makes Otto want to impress him. 

Armando doesn't want to push Otto, but after talking to Lena, Daniel wants to push as hard as he can. 

Lena shares with her dad where the sim card called. The Federal Office for Protection of the Constitution. He already knew. He tells Lena he loves her very much and gives her a mob-like kiss.

Outside on the patio, Otto apologizes for getting Andrew and Trevor involved with "this" and stabs Armando in the side. Armando then takes Lena hostage, gets the money, gets into the car and takes off.

With the others in pursuit, who the hell knows what is going to happen?

Anybody who plays driving games knows whatever Lena was driving is a better car on dirt roads than what Armando is driving. Armando parks poorly, runs and when he threatens to come clean about Andrew and Trevor, they go in for the kill.

When Otto walks up, he begins smashing him in the face with a hammer, removing his teeth. He doesn't want him identified. They put him into the car and burn it. In what must be a kind moment, Otto gives some of Armando's teeth to Lena.

In the morning, Daniel is awakened suddenly. He looks at the safe and the briefcase, believing Hector is gone. Instead, Hector is outside. He's back in the game.


Berlin Station
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Berlin Station Season 2 Episode 2 Quotes

Daniel: He's ready to deal.
Hector: So, what's in it for me?
Daniel: If things go smoothly, I'm pretty sure nobody would notice if that briefcase goes missing.
Hector: You're assuming I need the money. Look around you, Daniel.
Daniel: Cut the bullshit! You're not retired, you're in hiding! [Hector punches him in the gut]

Hector: Interfering in German politics? There's no fucking way you have Langley's approval on this.
Daniel: Gerhardt's funding a terror attack to swing the election in her favor? That's everyone's business.