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On Better Call Saul Season 1 Episode 5, Jimmy deals with the fallout from his billboard scam and what that means for Chuck. 

The police arrive at Chuck's house following his newspaper-fetching adventure. The neighbor called the police on him for stealing her newspaper. When Chuck starts trying to talk his way out of letting the police in through legal means, the cops get suspicious about his lack of electricity and stockpile of camp stove fuel.

The police break down his door.

Jimmy visits a potential client, Ricky Sipes, on his ranch in the middle of the desert. The man is a big game hunter and entrepreneur who wants Jimmy's help seceding from the United States. Jimmy takes the case, but then finds out Sipes plans to pay him in fake money.

Jimmy's next potential client, Roland, needs help writing a patent for...a toilet. A talking toilet. A sexually suggestive talking toilet.

Finally, Jimmy arrives at the home of a woman who collects figurines, the latest of which is the alpine shepherd boy. She needs help writing a will leaving all of her Hummel figures to her various family members. He finally has a paying customer.

Kim visits Jimmy at the nail salon and he regales her with tales of the talking toilet while painting her nails. She suggests he look into elder law since he's having such luck with the old ladies. Howard calls with bad news about Chuck. 

Chuck is in the hospital. Jimmy begins turning off the lights and electromagnetic items in the room and tells the doctor Chuck is allergic to electricity. The doctor suggests Chuck be admitted to an in-patient psychiatric facility for monitoring and Chuck wakes up to say he doesn't want to go.

Chuck explains his condition to the doctor and then asks Kim if his condition is a delusion. She answers that she's not a doctor. The doctor continues trying to persuade Chuck to seek treatment. While he's talking, the doctor turns his bed back on to prove that he doesn't have an allergy. 

Jimmy steps outside to speak with the doctor and Kim says Chuck needs help. Jimmy is against committing Chuck until Howard shows up. He's still against committing Chuck but tells Howard he's sending Chuck to a residential facility just to make Howard sweat.

At home, Jimmy gets Chuck his space blanket and then Jimmy asks about the paper he stole. Jimmy blames himself for Chuck's sickness, but Chuck puts his fears at east. Jimmy says he's entering elder law and Chuck seems to accept that.

Later that night, Jimmy watches old episodes of Matlock and studies the suit so he can dress himself appropriately. Then he visits a retirement home to drum up business. While leaving the courthouse, Jimmy tries to sell his services to Mike.

Mike and his daughter aren't speaking. Later that day, the police show up on Mike's doorstep.

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Better Call Saul Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

Old Lady: And here I thought all lawyers were idiots.
Jimmy: Only half of us are idiots. The other half are crooks!

Jimmy: From here on out, I'm gonna play by the rules.
Chuck: As any lawyer should.