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Mike still has trouble with the Philadelphia police on Better Call Saul Season 1 Episode 7. He calls Jimmy for help returning the notebook to the police officer from whom he stole it. After the younger officer walks off, Mike tells Jimmy to leave so he can talk to the older officer investigating the death of the other two officers. 

Mike is advised to tell his daughter in law not to talk to the police. The older officer acknowledges that many of the officers on the force believe Fensky and Hoffman got what was coming to them for being so mired up in crooked police work. 

When Mike leaves the precinct, Jimmy is waiting outside and he wants to know what Mike told the officer who stayed behind to talk to him. Jimmy is scared the Philly PD will come after him, so Mike tries to reassure Jimmy that he's safe.

The next morning, Jimmy pays a visit to Chuck to deliver ice and finds Chuck outside. He's trying to desensitize himself to the electromagnetism he fears by gradually staying outside for longer and longer. They're both excited by Chuck's progress and Chuck's resolve to get better. Jimmy brings in boxes of case files and asks to leave them at Chuck's house knowing, or hoping, that the promise of being useful will lure Chuck back to health more quickly.

Jimmy and Kim visit a prospective office space he's planning to lease and he asks her to be his partner in a new law firm. She declines his offer saying that she owes HHM for putting her through law school.

Kim talks with the Kettlemans about their case. The DA is planning to take the case to trial and Craig will have to serve 30 years in prison. Kim has worked out an arrangement whereby Craig will only be sentenced to 16 months but they'll have to repay the money they stole. Betsy insists there is no money and when Kim tells them to take the deal, Betsy fires HHM.

Jimmy, while hosting Bingo at the retirement community, he gets a call from the Kettlemans. They would like to hire him to take their case. When he tries to get out of taking their case, Betsy tells him they've already paid him a retainer, alluding to the fact that he accepted their bribe. He calls Kim and she asks him to beg them to return to HHM. Jimmy can't do it.

At HHM, Howard walks Jimmy to Kim's old office to retrieve the Kettleman files. He learns that Kim has been moved to an office in the East Wing, which Jimmy calls the corn field. He finds her in the parking garage smoking. He believes there has to be a way to get the Kettlemans acquitted and she tells him there isn't.

At the nail salon, Jimmy begins combing through the Kettleman files and his law books and spends half the night reading case law about embezzlement. He asks for Mike's help returning the $10K to the Kettlemans. Craig picks it up and takes it inside to Betsy while Mike watches from the fence outside their house. Betsy and Craig believe the children were playing with the money and they scold the kids before sending them to bed.

Mike breaks into their house and finds the money hidden underneath a bathroom sink. Jimmy replaces the money he took from the Kettlemans and tells Mike he's doing "the right thing" by returning the money.

The next morning, Jimmy visits the Kettlemans at their home and he reveals that he knows where the money they insist they don't have has been hidden. He sends them back to Kim to take the deal she worked out for them and tells them the money has been returned to the DA's office. 

After turning the Kettlemans over to Kim, Jimmy visits the office he hoped to lease and has a breakdown as he realizes he's getting nowhere. His phone rings and he pulls it together in order to answer.

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