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As Better Call Saul Season 1 Episode 3 begins, we flash back to the time before Chuck was sick. He arrives at a detention center to meet with a client who turns out to be his brother Jimmy. He faces charges which could land him on the sex offender registry. Allegedly, he was having sex within the sight line of someone's sky light. 

It's been five years since the brothers have seen each other. Jimmy wants to talk strategy. After pleading and begging, Chuck agrees to handle his brother's case.

After the spa closes for the night, Jimmy takes another look at Nacho's number and then picks up the phone. But he doesn't call Nacho. He calls Kim, a former flame who also happens to be an attorney at his brother's office. Jimmy digs for details but Kim won't give up the information. He tries to alert Kim that someone is onto Craig and Betsy Kettleman by telling her that someone might be after them.

Unable to sleep, Jimmy unspools an entire roll of paper towels, drives to a pay phone, and uses the tube to make a voice muffler. He calls the Kettlemans but gets their answering machine. He calls again with the same result. On the third call, Craig answers and Jimmy tells him they're in danger.

At court, Jimmy tries to negotiate for his client in the men's room. When the DA can't keep his clients straight, Jimmy wins his negotiations. Kim calls Jimmy asking what he meant about the Kettlemans. Mike won't let him out of the parking lot without the right amount of money or the right amount of stamps. Jimmy reaches in and lets himself out of the parking lot. 

The Kettleman's house is a crime scene and Kim's clients are missing. She thinks he might have something to do with the family's disappearance. When he leaves the crime scene, he drives to another pay phone to call Nacho and offers his services as counsel should Nacho need it. When Nacho doesn't answer, Jimmy keeps calling. Someone calls back but the person hangs up without speaking to Jimmy.

Jimmy's car won't start so he finds himself in a foot race with two suspicious looking men. They turn out to be cops. Nacho has given the police his name as legal counsel. A neighbor saw his van parked outside the Kettleman house and wrote down his license plate number. The FBI are being called in and Jimmy advises Nacho to hand over the family in exchange for 18 years in prison. Nacho refuses. He doesn't have the family.

He says he was casing their house and admits to being in the street but says the family was fine when he left. He believes Jimmy set him up since he was the only person who knew Nacho's plans.

When Jimmy leaves the meeting with Nacho, Kim is waiting outside. The police don't want to let Nacho out of custody so he demands to see the crime scene himself. Kim agrees that it's a good idea so they take him to the Kettleman house.

Every room in the house was ransacked when the family was taken. Jimmy still maintains that his client is innocent and the police ask him to advocate for his client after the Kettleman family has been found. Jimmy notices that the daughter's doll is missing and deduces that whoever took the girl cared enough to take her doll too. He suggests the Kettlemans kidnapped themselves. 

He asks Kim to talk alone and tells her that he called the Kettleman family anonymously to warn them that someone may be coming for them. He can't let the police continue to question Nacho because he's scared Nacho's crew will come after him. Kim can't help him find the family. 

Mike won't let Jimmy into the parking lot after his earlier shenanigans. Jimmy pushes Mike and Mike turns him in for assault. The police and Mike try to get Jimmy to work with Nacho about the Kettleman family but Jimmy maintains his client's innocence. When Jimmy continues saying that the Kettlemans kidnapped themselves, the police plan to take him to booking. Mike drops the charges.

Mike believes Jimmy's story and tells him the Kettlemans are probably hiding somewhere in the neighborhood because nobody wants to leave home. Jimmy returns to the Kettleman's house, sees a family camping decal on their back windshield, and looks toward the hills behind their house, believing they are somewhere in the desert.

After walking all afternoon and into the night, he hears the sounds of singing in the distance and realizes he's found the family, alive and well, and living in the woods. He also finds all their money.

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