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Chuck is still battling many of his eccentricities and Howard has taken to making his deliveries. Chuck once again refuses to leave the house and still doesn't use electricity. He asks about Jimmy and Howard says he's doing well and has gone to work for Davis and Main. Chuck doesn't seem happy about the fact that Jimmy has a job at such a prestigious firm.

During a meeting with Sandpiper's attorneys, Kim continues to flirt with Jimmy. He tells her things are turning around for him and she says "we," indicating she's thinking about the future. 

While Jimmy's battered car is towed, the ladies inside the nail salon watch with great amusement. Then he shows off his new Mercedes and his landlord ushers her girls back inside.

Wormald shows up at Mike's toll booth and learns that Wormald's baseball card collection has been stolen. When Mike learns that Wormald's baseball cards hold serious sentimental value, he vows to get the baseball cards back as long as Wormald doesn't talk to the police. 

Jimmy sits at his desk going over paperwork from the Sandpiper case when he decides to venture into the central office in order to follow the sound of someone playing guitar. He takes Cliff news about the case and Cliff seems impressed. 

Later that evening, Mike visits an upholstery shop and finds Nacho sewing away in his father's store. They go outside to discuss "upholstery options." When Nacho refuses to hand over the cards, Mike threatens to tell Tuco about his cousin's side business. That gets Nacho's attention.

Chuck gets dressed in his reflective, protective suit and has Eddie, his errand boy, take him to work. 

Mike takes Wormald to meet with Nacho and retrieve his baseball cards. They're also planning to destroy the Hummer, much to Wormald's dismay. 

A meeting at HHM is interrupted by a secretary who comes in to collect everyone's electronic devises. Chuck has arrived. Jimmy is not prepared to face his brother following their fallout. When he chokes up after Chuck's entrance, Kim calms him.

Mike calls Jimmy to ask for help with Wormald. Jimmy represents him while he meets with the police who continue pushing the issue even after being told the cards have been recovered. Jimmy gets the police off Wormald's trail by spinning a tale about Wormald's proclivities.

Kim and Jimmy laugh about his ability to spin a story until Kim realizes he faked evidence to get the police to drop their interest in his client. 

Better Call Saul
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Better Call Saul Season 2 Episode 2 Quotes

You think I'd be caught dead driving that thing? Looks like a school bus for 6 year old pimps.


Jimmy: What are you doing here?
Chuck: My name is on the building.