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Nacho is taking the weekly tributes while Tuco is in jail, under the watchful eye of Don Hector.

Crazy 8 is short on his tribute, and Nacho only reprimands him. Hector berates Nacho for letting Crazy 8 off easy, and Nacho brings him back into the restaurant and beats him.

The disbarment hearing concludes, with Jimmy getting a 12 month suspension of his law license.

Rebecca goes to Chuck's house, but Chuck refuses to answer the door.

Jimmy and Kim celebrate his victory. Rebecca comes to the firm, begging Jimmy to help Chuck. Jimmy flatly refuses.

Disgusted, Rebecca leaves.

Howard meets with Chuck, begging him to move on from his vendetta against Jimmy. Chuck reluctantly agrees.

Jimmy takes the day to call his clients, telling them he is taking a sabbatical for a year.

Jimmy realizes his TV commercials are a violation of his suspension, so he comes up with a plan to substitute other commercials and still make money.

Nacho has a tense encounter with Fring's men after a shipment of Hector's product is divided between them. Fring de-escalates the conflict, but is not happy.

Chuck attempts his own brand of cognitive therapy, deliberately exposing himself to the outside world. Chuck calls Dr. Cruz, the ER doctor who previously treated him, for help.

Nacho talks with Hector, and Hector tells Nacho he needs to use the car upholstery business run by Nacho's father as a front for his drug trade. Nacho pleads with Hector to not involve his father in the drug trade, but Hector will not budge.

Hector has a physical attack of some sort, and has to take pills to stop it. One of the pills falls to the floor, and Nacho secretly takes possession of it.

Jimmy shows Kim his newest commercial, where he uses the name Saul Goodman as an alias.







Better Call Saul
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Better Call Saul Season 3 Episode 6 Quotes

Kim: So now the question you must ask yourselves is this: is the legal community better with Jimmy McGill in it? I believe the answer is a resounding yes.

Who works for who, huh?

Hector [to Nacho]