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Hector meets with cartel boss Don Eladio in Mexico, bringing his monthly cash payment. 

Bolsa, Gus Fring's associate, brings his tribute, which is much more than Hector's. Don Eladio teases Hector, and this makes Hector very jealous and angry.

Mike watches as the DEA invades the ice cream shop cover business that belongs to Hector.

Mike is invited to his daughter-in-law's house for dinner.

Hector and his men take over Gus' restaurant, threatening the employees, demanding to see Gus.

Gus is called to the store, and has a conflict with Hector about his distribution problems.

Hector demands that his product be put on Gus' trucks.

Gus pushes back, but Hector tells him he is doing it.

Victor brings Mike a bag of cash as payment for his help regarding Hector, but Mike refuses the money.

Gus talks to his employees, making up a story about why Hector was there the day before, and assures them they are safe.

Kim cold calls dozens of contractors to find out who Chuck is hiring to fix the door broken by Jimmy. She finds the contractor, cancels the appointment, and gives Jimmy the information.

Mike goes to Chuck's house, posing as the contractor. He uses power tools to drive Chuck to the upper floors of the house, then takes pictures of Chuck's house before leaving.

Mike gives Jimmy the pictures, and tells him their business is concluded.

Gus meets Mike at his job, and asks him why he didn't accept the cash.

Gus again asks Mike to work for him, and he tells Gus he would consider it.

All parties involved arrive at the pre-trial hearing regarding Jimmy's plea deal.

Ms. Hay demands Jimmy apologize to Chuck. Jimmy grudgingly complies.

Kim tells Chuck and Howard she's ready to go to war about the tape.



Better Call Saul
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Better Call Saul Season 3 Episode 4 Quotes

Gus: May I ask, did Don Eladio approve this?
Hector: I approved this. You are doing it.

Gus: Don Hector, mine is a cartel business, but it is mine. And it is legitimate. My employees are civilians. Your actions here today have endangered them, my interests, and those of the cartel.
Hector: I am the cartel, and from now on you are my mule. You are going to bring my product north.