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When morale is low, Veridian Dynamics decides to do company evaluations on everyone.  They find out Veronica is too hard to approach.  Ted finds out he's lovable... except by men over fifty.  Linda, meanwhile, suggests that the company let people customize their cubicles to improve morale.

When the company let's them customize, they automatically assign one of four themes to each of the desks.  Linda ends up with "cats" as her theme, while other people get space, classic cars, or Green Bay Packers.  Linda soon finds herself with a sense of community and bonding with the other cat people.  But when she makes friends with some space people, she ends up at war with the cat people.  Eventually she gets the customized desks undone.

Ted, meanwhile, desperate to please everyone starts going to lunch with a group of guys over fifty.  He ends up doing whatever it takes to please them and they end up walking all over him and throwing parties in his office.  He kicks them out and decides he doesn't care what people think about him anymore.

Veronica, meanwhile, let's her hair down and dishes out fake compiments left and right.  She gives so many to Phil he ends up falling in love with her.  Lem, meanwhile, is working his butt off to try and actually earn a genuine compliment from her.  In the end, Veronica decides she can't handle it anymore and tells people to go shove their complaints and to lie on their next comment cards.

Better Off Ted
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Better Off Ted Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

Clark: Mr. Crisp, you had a near-unanimous rating of "excellent." In fact, there were even several write-ins of "adorable."
Veronica: Oh, brother, look out Jesus

Phil: Do you think I look like a possum in this shirt?
Lem: Not in that shirt. Why?