After pulling a late night meeting, Veronica informs Linda that her driver recently died and Linda offers as a friend to give her a ride home.  Soon, Linda and Veronica are having several glasses of wine together as Veronica pours her heart out.  Linda starts to enjoy the perks of being the boss's friend, including long breaks from work at breakfast and getting off projects she hates.  However, eventually Linda can't handle all the drama being dumped on her and tries to end the friendship.  She does it by unloading hers on Veronica.

Meanwhile, Ted himself has befriend Phil and Lem.  With Rose with her mother, Ted joins Phil and Lem after work at their medieval fight club.  Though he is initially turned off by it, after his first fight he is completely hooked.  Ted quickly rises to the top of the club, even attaining the title of King.  However, Phil and Lem are sick of Ted being their boss at work and in their social life so they ask Ted to "kill himself" in their fantasy world and he does so. 

It turns out Ted was really only enjoying the fight club so much because he was taking his frustrations about his ex-wife out on his victims.  Linda decides to unleash her anger at the end of episode in the club.

Better Off Ted
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Better Off Ted Season 1 Episode 8 Quotes

Lem: I always thought Veronica lived here.
Phil: Me, too. You know, she just finds a comfortable chair and powers down for the night

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