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When Linda goes to comfort a co-worker, her actions are accidentally perceived as sexual harassment.  Ted, in an effort to clean up the mess, awkwardly phrases things to the co-worker and is also considered a harrasser.  The two of them end up in counciling together and soon Veronica rescues them by getting Veridian to consider sexual harassment a disease and therefore the two cannot be fired.  Once sexual harrassment is no longer a threat at Veridian, the co-workers begin to go nuts and Linda becomes the sexual harrassment vigilante, protecting the innocent.  Veridian ends up fixing the problem by sending children out to cruise the hallways randomly every few hours to kill any sexual feelings.

Meanwhile, when Phil and Lem get word their favorite robot, the chemical cleaning Chum Li, has been replaced by a janitor with a mop, they attempt to rescue their dismantled friend.  However, after the two put him back together, Chum Li becomes evil and attacks them.  They end up being rescued by the janitor, thus accepting him.

Better Off Ted
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Better Off Ted Season 2 Episode 5 Quotes

Veronica [to Rose]: Muss up his hair, it's the source of all his power.
Ted: Oh, no! Not the hair!
Veronica: Now smash him with the phone. (they stare) Why will no one in this building ever smash anyone with a phone?

Erica: Gosh, Ted, it's like you were poured into that suit.
Ted: And part of me is still hardening.