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When Veridian sends out a memo that employees must "now use offensive language" instead of not, they stick by their typo because the company dosn't make mistakes.  Althought Ted initially fights the insulting, Linda convinces him to be less intimidating.  Ted dresses down and during his next meeting for MREs ends up insulting employees back and taking everyone's suggestions.  In the end, the MRE ends up being a disaster but at least one good idea came from listening to people.  Ted convinces Janet, the HR lady, to issue a new memo counteracting the old one .  Problem solved.

Meanwhile, Veronica suspect that her promotion was also a typo and meant for "W. Palmer" instead of "V. Palmer."  She feels so guilty she ends up dating Walter until Ted finds evidence of a memo referring to "V. Palmer" as a woman.  Veronica dumps Walter and ends up giving him an above ground office.

Down in the lab, Lem teaches Phil how to insult people using a formula.  He ends up accidentally using it on the water guy, who beats him up.  Eventually they apologize to the water guy.

Better Off Ted
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Better Off Ted Season 2 Episode 8 Quotes

Veronica: I was up against this man--Walter--who had the same last name as I do, although we pronounce it differently.
Linda: There's another way to pronounce "Palmer"?
Veronica: In his family, the "P" is silent. I think it's Dutch. It sounds like their stupid handiwork, with their cheese and their giant propeller buildings.
Linda: So Walter... "Almer"?
Veronica: I know. Those people are unbelievable.

Ted: "Employees must now use offensive or insulting language in the workplace." This has to be a mistake. Why would the company want us to swear at each other?
Veronica: Well, maybe they're trying to make the people at work seem more like a real family, Butt-Munch. Yeah this is going to be good.
Linda: Like everything the company does to us, it's gotta be about money. Maybe when someone's called a "lazy sack of crap," they work harder so they can just be a "sack of crap."
Ted: Oh, this is gonna be a problem. People here follow memos. Especially since that memo came out saying people have to follow memos.