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Kelly and Donna pitch the idea of a Beverly Hills, 90210 reboot to the brass at FOX and they agree to move forward with it. 

At the courthouse, the cast is together again to face the judge in reagrds to stealing the dress from the reunion site. They are all sentenced to 50 hours of community service. 

Tori broaches the idea of the reboot to everyone, but no one is willing to participate. Tori strategizes how to get each cast member on board, and meets with everyone individually. Jason agrees if he can direct as well, while Gabrielle wants Andrea to be questioning her sexuality and Ian wants to develop a line of skincare products with Tori. 

Jennie backs out of the reboot, as she wants to focus on her daughter and keeping her away from acting. But she relents after talking with Jason, and her daughter joins the reboot in a recurring role. 

Brian gets a role in a movie, but gets upset with Shay when he realizes she is the reason he got the part. 

With everyone on board for the reboot, the cast meets with FOX and learns that Kimberly Elise now works there. And she suggests they all go to therapy. 

A mysterious man shows up at Jason's house and threatens Camille. He later meets with Jason about helping to write for the reboot. 

The boy who has Brian's wallet continues following him and recording him, before applying to be his personal assistant. 

Each cast member receives a box with a doll of their character mutilated. 



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BH90210 Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

Tori: Bri, you want to get back into acting, right?
Brian: Totally. You know what's super sexy? A middle-aged, white rapper. I'm gonna try for movies, Tor.

Jennie: Okay, can you stop being such a publicity whore?
Tori: Why? It's what I do best.