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At the Peach Pit, Donna and David are ordering a meal, with Brandon working there and Kelly behind the counter. Andrea and Steve are there as well, but it's quickly shown to be a dream Tori Spelling is having while on a plane with Jennie Garth en route to their Beverly Hills, 90210 reunion. 

Checking in with the cast, Tori is married with six children and just found out her reality show was cancelled. Jennie is in the middle of her third divorce. Jason Priestley is in trouble for punching the lead actor of a show he was directing. Gabrielle Carteris is a proud grandmother and head of the Actors' Guild. Ian Ziering is married and has a succesful fitness book. And Brian Austin Green is married to a very succesful singer and is a stay at home dad.

The cast gets together for the reunion and answers questions from those in attendance. Shannen Doherty is streamed in. 

Afterwards, Jennie flirts with a guy at the hotel but leaves when he calls her Kelly. She meets up with Jason and the two eventually have sex. 

Tori and Brian take shots together, and she admits that her husband can't hold down a job. 

Gabrielle talks to a waitress who was at the q&a, and the two share a kiss. 

When Tori spots a dress she wore during the show, she breaks the glass case encompassing it and the cast runs away from the cops. 

Once on the plane, Ian goes to the bathroom and when his phone rings, the others pick it up and see his wife having sex with another man. 

Once back home, Ian chooses not to tell his wife what he and the others saw, while Jason doesn't tell his wife he slept with Jennie. Jason's wife informs him that she is pregnant. 

Having lost his wallet in the melee at the hotel, the man who found it shows up at Brian's home. 

While watching an old episode of the show with Jennie, Tori has the idea to try and reboot the series with the original cast. 



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BH90210 Season 1 Episode 1 Quotes

Tori: Excuse me. Why is there no room on this plane?
Jennie: It's called coach.
Tori: What is it called?
Jennie: Coach.

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Mama's got six kids. Do you know how much college bribery money I'm gonna need?

Tori [to Jennie]