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Cody says in diary that keeping Kevin in the house is more beneficial to his game, but he wants the house to come to that conclusion on their own.

Janelle believes Keesha staying would be better for hers and Kaysar’s game, but she doesn’t want to be the one to lead the charge, knowing she should lay low.

Memphis proposed an alliance name of “The Commission” with Cody. Memphis would like to bring in Christmas, Tyler, Dani, and Nicole F. Cody uses Memphis as a shield, and wants him to propose the alliance to everyone.

Tyler and Bayleigh make amends, but decide to keep it under wraps.

Kevin proposes a final two with Nicole A.

Janelle and Keesha talk about how they could keep her. Keesha says she likes Tyler, but couldn’t remember his name.

Cody and Da’Vonne discuss forming an alliance with Enzo and Bayleigh. In DR, Cody says it would be a good side alliance for him, after The Commission.

In talking with Cody, Christmas says it would be easier to beat Keesha, so they could keep her. Day thinks Kevin would be good to keep as an ally. Nicole F. reiterates both these points.

Keesha is unanimously evicted by the house. In her exit interview, she says she isn’t surprised because some people were avoiding her today.

HOH Comp: “Big Brother Watch Party.” They see two videos of a family taking part in a big brother watch party and the houseguests have to answer questions about the video. The last one standing after 7 questions wins. Kaysar and David are the first ones eliminated.

Memphis wins HOH.

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Big Brother Season 22 Episode 4 Quotes

The last time Bayleigh and I were in this house together, we were not on the same side.


Enzo didn’t use the veto on me and it’s not much of a shock.