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Madeline is staring at the ocean. Chloe wonders why and calls her on it when Madeline says she's staring at nothing. She spends a lot of time staring at nothing.

Madeline opens up and they share a sweet mother/daughter moment.

Ziggy doesn't want to go to school. Jane tells him to be brave. It's their mantra. He wonders why they ever moved there.

Madeline is on the phone with someone who is trying to shut down Avenue Q.

On the way to school, Perry apologizes to Celeste. She suggests maybe they see another counselor when he gets back from Vienna. He calls her sparkles.

Perry is angry when he learns they go right into school on the first day and did all the important stuff during orientation. 

Chloe takes Ziggy under her wing on the first day, introducing him to her half sister.

Renata sent Amabella to school with invitations to her birthday party. The only student left out? Ziggy.

At yoga class, Madeline and Celeste talk the whole way through, and it gets worse when Celeste points out that Bonnie is in the back.

The instructor suggests Madeline attend the perimenopausal class instead of talking the next time.

Bonnie brings up the petition again.

Adding insult to injury in the first grade, the teacher wants to do a family tree.

Harry the Hippo is introduced to the class as a way to ease them from kindergarten to first grade. He'll even do sleepovers!

Celeste and Perry argue and then fuck.

Renata is hard at work while Jane and Madeline pick up their kids after school, discussing remaining part-time career women and full-time mommies to lord it over the Renatas of the world.

Every night at dinner Abigail pushes Bonnie down Madeline's throat to the point she remotely opens the door and flees to the beach. Ed joins her and the two argue about whether or not he's the one for her or if it was Nathan.

The Greek Chorus continues to weigh in ineffectively. The more they talk, the less it appears they have any true knowledge of their neighbors.

Jane is passing out fliers at businesses about her services and the coffee fella suggests a website. Maybe Ed can help.

At the Side Door, Madeline and Celeste chat about Ed and Nathan. Celeste wonders if Madeline doesn't have enough passion for Ed. Celeste admits to Madeline their anger more often than not ends in sex. 

Renata comes up to the two to talk about a charity and Madeline turns the conversation to Amabella's birthday party. If Ziggy isn't going, neither is Chloe and where Chloe goes, people follow.

At home, Ed thinks it's cruel for Madeline to summarily decide Chloe cannot go to the party in order to make her point.

Another Bonnie problem. Abigail is on the pill and guess who took her there. Bonnie. Abigail went to Bonnie instead of Madeline, which is something that will niggle at her forever.

Nathan and Ed meet. Ed doesn't know about the Planned Parenthood situation at the time they meet, but the way Nathan approaches the discussion is crap. Ed finally shares with Ed his past with 6th grade bullying and how he's always wished he kicked that kid's ass and has been waiting over 30 years for someone to test him, giving him a chance to redeem himself.

Madeline is angry with the play's producer for not standing up for his own production. It was he who she told to fuck himself on the head.

She sees Frozen tickets on his desk. The date? The same as Amabella's birthday. Suddenly someone is at Renata's house telling her about a new plan.

Jane was running and gets a call in between flashes of Ziggy and Renata looking at each other sweetly. Both with smiles on their faces. 

Apparently, the kids danced, and Ziggy went in for a kiss, which they called non-consensual touching. Chloe and Skye were the instigators, which really throws Bonnie off. Renata is beside herself.

Chloe doesn't understand any of it. Why can't kissing and making up be a good thing?

Perry calls and wants celeste to show him her breasts via video while he lays in bed doing whatever.

Gordon and Renata disagree about how things will go at the school. He thinks it will all be sorted out, so she doesn't feel supported.

Madeline talks with Abigail about sex and the day she finally decides to do it. Abigail walks out.

Ed and Madeline talk about their relationship and how his conversation with Nathan went. Nathan said Ed threatened to beat her up. She calls Ed her he-man and tells him he's her one, her only one.


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You know what? I'm a lady and I've never said this to anyone in my entire life, but you can go fuck yourself right on the head.


Mom? Why did we move here?