A Bold Move - Big Little Lies
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The kids sound like they're playing outside and Perry is beating the shit out of Celeste in the bathroom.

One of them almost sees inside the bathroom. Perry calls her Sparkles.

Ed is happy to see Abigail hasn't launched yet.

On her way out the door, Madeline thinks she sees Tori. She goes to see Joseph and he goes off on her, calling her a self-entitled rich bitch.

Celeste goes to see Dr. Reisman. It doesn't go well.

Jane finds out from Ziggy it's one of Celeste's boys.

Jane and Madeline are talking about it when Gordon comes in to threaten Jane.

Tom uses the opportunity to say he wanted to impress Jane.

Madeline and Nathan catch up at school. He and Bonnie went to counseling and learned what Abigail is doing is a cry for help. Because, you know, divorce.

Celeste is getting the apartment ready. She recalls Perry tossing her around the bedroom, strangling her.

She finally breaks down on the couch before she gets a call. It's Jane and the two of them meet on the beach where Jane took Ziggy before his meeting with the psychologist. It was Max. Max also pushed Skye down the stairs. Jane says kids grow out of it. Celeste says sometimes they don't.

When she asks Max what he's been doing and asks him to tell the truth, he cries into her arms.

Madeline and Abigail are talking about what happened with Joseph and why she might want to blow up her life. She hasn't found the courage to tell Ed yet, but she wants to. Abigail gives up the project. She just wanted the publicity.

Tori is burning holes into Madeline, enough that it's making Ed take note.

Before they leave home, Perry reads a text on Celeste's phone. A property manager called about installing fire alarms.

They talk briefly about his getting help on the way to the party. She notes he never made an appointment and it's too late. It's all too late. He speeds up past party. 

He pulls the little boy crap. "I know I have this madness, these fucking demons in here, but I'm fighting them. I'm fighting them!"

Renata and Gordon unwittingly save Celeste when they knock on the car window and she makes her escape.

Ed sings his song Bonnie comes to say how good he is, causing and Madeline to run off, Jane following. Madeline, crying, tells Jane about cheating.

Celeste gets to the party looking for her friends. She grabs Renata's hand and pulls her off in a jog.

Perry is on the way, all black and slicked back.

Celeste tells Renata about Max. When Perry gets there, Renata walks away, back to Gordon. 

Nathan picks a fight with Ed and Bonnie walks up on it. She wonders what's going on. Then the song Nathan sings is about losing his love. WTF?

Bonnie notices Celeste and Perry arguing. Everyone converges onto the staircase Madeline hated so much during the season. 

Jane goes into convulsions as she recognizes Saxon Banks.

She pulls out her imaginary gun and aims it at him. Celeste and Madeline recognize her look. Perry runs at celeste and that's it. Flashing lights.

Perry is on the staircase with what appears to be a wine cork protruding from his neck.


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Big Little Lies Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

Celeste, get up. You just got the wind knocked out of you. You're fine.


Dr. Reisman: You gonna leave him?
Celeste: He's going away in the morning, so...
Dr. Reisman: OK
Celeste: We just have to go to this school gala and then...
Dr. Reisman: Oh, Jesus. It's one thing should he kill you, but God forbid you miss a party. You know, your husband is ill, Celeste, but so are you. There are children in the house.
Celeste: I told you he will not hurt the children. He will never hurt the children!