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We start the hour yet again with Celeste reflecting on Perry's death and their sex. She watches videos of him again. What she has been missing all this time is that the kids filmed them having sex.

Ed is taking out a lot of frustration on his exercise equipment.

Ziggy wonders if Jane loves Corey. He thinks she does. Corey makes her happy. He makes her like a whole nother person. Her face looks different. Ziggy wants her to be with him and thinks she wants that, too.

Bonnie recalls smothering her mother to death with a pillow.

Renata wants an Americano, but the coffee due thinks there is milk in it.

Mary Louise says hello to Renata wondering how we are today. We are wraught, Renata says. Mary Louise mentions a nanny, and Renata goes off on the older woman calling her a judgy judger.

Renata walks off without her coffee, so Mary Louise tells them to put it in a bag. She'll take it to her. They're going to the same place.

Katey the attorney tries to talk Celeste out of questioning. Celeste isn't having it.

Farber assures Mary Louise Celeste will be pulling out all the stops and since she's acting in the capacity of an attorney, she can't get cross examined.

Celeste remembers Perry talking about his mother, who was abusive. Look what you made me do, she said over and over again after Mary Louise bashed in the car window and hurt them.

Celeste asks Mary Louise if she thinks Celeste is a bad mother. Mary Louise thinks she's wonderfully committed. She also notes all of the things that she witnessed, but she never reported that the boys were in immenent peril.

Celeste wonders if she believes Celeste to be violent to any effect. All it takes is once, Mary Louise said. Mary Louise lost her temper when she was driving, causing the car to crash. When Celeste suggest all of this is relevant, especially if Mary Louise killed a child before.

Farber calls it indecent, but Celeste continues. Celeste wonders if Mary Louise ever blamed him for causing the car to crash. When Celeste asks if Mary Louise ever blamed Perry, all hell breaks loose.

Mary Louise kicked Perry and more. She's more worried about Max and Josh growing up learning that their father was a good man than anything else.

Celeste shows the video she found the night before that reveals a horrible beating in which she's screaming for help. Everyone is shocked.

Madeline still can't believe that she didn't see what was going on with Celeste, but now that Celeste knows what the boys witnessed, she's questioning all of her mothering abilities.

Jane meets with Corey. She thinks he would be out there having fun, not putting up with her. He highly disagrees. He warns that no matter how good something is, you can ruin it by overthinking it.

Celeste talks with the boys about court. When they ask if she beat up grandma, Celeste assures her nobody was beating up anybody. Suddenly, Celeste hears keys jangling. Mary Louise is trying to get into the house.

She doesn't want Celeste to lie. It's not fair, she says. Celeste says just because Mary Louise lost her boys doesn't mean she gets to take hers.

Bonnie relieves her dad at her mom's bedside. Mom is a good listener now. She'd like some time alone with her. The first thing she does is take the pillow to the bed. Bonnie says she loves her, something it took her whole life to say. As she raises the pillow, we cut to her dad again making his way back to the room. Bonnie isn't going to kill her mom, but has climbed into bed beside her.

Madeline worries about their friendships unraveling when Celeste says the lie is the friendship.

Bonnie's family arrives. Elizabeth is awake. She woke up saying she's hungry. Bonnie asks Nathan to go out and get a bottle of wine.

Celeste puts ties on the boys as she imagines putting a tie onto her daddy. The boys are scared to go before the judge, but she says they're in it together.

Ed is still with the punching bag. When he finishes, Madeline needs to know what's going on in his head.

They talk about their wedding day which was joyous but delusional. They had no idea what the vows even meant at that time. But they've changed. Ed suggests they need to renew their vows. It's a new start, but not a clean start. She says yes.

Mary Louise sees the boys in the coffee shop.

Elizabeth had a setback. Another stroke most likely.

Mary Louise talks to the court. She states her love for Celeste to the courtroom. Mary Louise still thinks it was a sickness for which Celeste is complicit. She wants to safeguard the boys until Celeste is better. Celeste says the son she say on the tape was raised by Mary Louise, and handing them over to Mary Louise isn't something she wants to do as a result of what happened with Perry.

The petition to provide guardianship was denied. Celeste retains full custody. As they all celebrate, Bonnie loses her mother.

Celeste asks the boys to go hug their grandmother.

At her mother's empty bedside, Bonnie tells Nathan she's never been in love with him.

Renats arrives home to find Gordon playing with his trains. He sold it to some guy named Ted who will allow Gordon to be their steward. She thinks it's garbage. All of her stuff is gone, but he gets to keep his toys?

Gordon is an idiot. He pushes her too far with a comment about the nanny an dneeding new toys. She takes one of his prized baseball bats and shows him what she thinks about his crap. 

No more bullshit. No more lies, Renata says.

Madeline and Ed renew their vows with Abigail officiating.

Mary Louise leaves Monterey.

Jane and Corey dance in the living room.

Everyone is having happy time. 

Nathan wants to go with Bonnie. She practically falls asleep at the wheel, but parks in front of the police station thinking about her mother. All of the women are going to the police together.

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Big Little Lies Season 2 Episode 7 Quotes

Your son Raymond died in part because you lost your temper. Isn't that true?


Sleeping Beauty. That is how Perry would describe her to me. Sleeping Beauty. He was her prince, and she killed him.

Mary Louise