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This time, Renata is reliving the night in question.

Jane goes directly to Corey. Is he a cop? He says he can explain. he says he was ordered in for questioning. The detective called him in. She wants one of them to crack.

The detective is scouring the footage again. This time, Mary Louise is right beside her.

They play Celeste saying Perry stumbled back and that must be when he fell.

The worst thing Celeste does in the interview is give a reason she believes her account is inconsistent.

The women pow wow getting more frustrated by the minute. Madeline is especially annoyed at Bonnie and vice versa.

In the hospital, Bonnie talks out loud as she writes what happened in her diary.

Martin wonders if she's ready. He's not. She's too damn young, for Christ's sake. It's the first time Bonnie considers comforting her father.

Madeline tells Ed about the argument, but he wonders why the animosity between her and Bonnie if they're all just there for Celeste. He wonders if the window of clarity he got after their conversation is fogging up again.

Madeline goes to Renata. She needs to tell Ed. Renata gives her a piece of her mind.

Jane isn't returning Corey's calls since he talked with the police. She says it has nothing to do with the police.

Bonnie envisions putting a pillow over her mother and smothering her, tears streaming down both of their faces. Is that a recollection or a vision?

it's court for Celeste, and Mary Louise invades her space before it begins.

The judge is not satisfied with the psychological tests. She's not interested in removing the children from their home, but she's not pleased. All parties get a copy of the reports before the next day's evidentiary hearing. Celeste will speak first.

Celeste refuses to settle.

The news at the hospital isn't good. Morphine isn't required, but Bonnie notes they'd do it for a dog.

Renata is saying goodbye to her nannie. They can't afford even to pay her severence.

Corey finds Jane and Ziggy at the beach. Ziggy still wants Corey's help. Corey won't walk away.

Bonnie and Madeline make up at the courthouse, and Bonnie thinks the pressure is getting to Madeline. She doesn't like that supposition.

Celeste takes the stand. Farber immediately brings up the abusive relationship. He wonders if she was ever thrilled by the violence. Did it lead to great sex? Was she aroused by the violence?

He wants to know if she misses the violence. She misses him but not the violence.

Farber goes for the jugular, noting all things that she did wrong by not going to the police to picking up the fellow at the bar.

She's been on a tear trying to fill Perry's void. They all get physical.

He corners he with something Josh said about not being able to get mommy up because of the stranger in her bed.

Celeste decides to address the court despite her attorney's warnings. It leads to her violence with the boys and slapping Mary Louise. It opens the door to Perry's death, and while she denies pushing him, Detective Quinlan looks to the women for their reactions.

Celeste cannot believe she was tailed all that time.

Bonnie imagines standing up and claiming what happened.

Quinlan's next target is Ed, who is talking with Tori. He's admitting part of him wants to do something, but he's satisfied with the idea of it. She tries to persuade him that she wants him and not only vengeance against their spouses. He's embarrassed and intrigued.

Madeline cannot stop thinking about the fundraiser and her love for Ed. They both want to trust each other, but neither can wave a wand to make it happen.

Jane confronts Mary Louise. Jane sees a woman who's struggling. Who isn't? Mary Louise tells Jane Ziggy said she bought a gun. Was she going to use it on Perry? She bars the door while Jane screams. She takes out all of her frustration on a closed door while Mary Louise breathes deeply inside.

Celeste remembers sex with Perry again while swilling vodka straight from the bottle.

Getting the better of herself, she puts the bottle in a cabinet above her easy reach.

Ed and the girls arrive home to Madeline in the middle of the room wearing her wedding dress and dancing in the hope of reconnecting with the person she was when they got married.

Ed reminds her she can't just wave a wand, but that was pretty fuckin' close.

Bonnie imagines her mother waking from her bed and telling her to go towards the light.

She remembers the good and bad times with her mom and closes her eyes tightly.

Celeste is putting on makeup and smoothing her hair. It's time for court again.

The judge wonders if she's struggling with some sort of sexual addiction. She admits she's ashamed to admit it to anyone, including her therapist. She worked so hard to help Celeste and she let her down. The behavior gives the judge pause. She asks Celeste to describe to the best of her ability why she's seeking these men.

She wanted to be touched. She wanted it to be uncomplicated. She wanted to be in control. The violence with Perry would sometimes lead to sex and it was confusing.

She was trying to push out the memory of Perry, but she was not trying to hurt herself.

The judge wants to know why Celeste stayed with her abuser. Because she loved him and thought he would get better. But he didn't. When she was happy, she stayed because she was happy. When she was depressed, she stayed because she was depressed. She was afraid with what he might do if she left and because of her boys.

Bonnie imagines standing up and accepting responsibility again. Then she's talking with her mom in the hospital.

Bonnie closes the door. She begins to confess something, but she realized she needs to confess to her mother first.

She reads about resenting her mother for her childhood, the abuse, being ashamed of her daughter, of the sex she had beginning at 13 to prove she could be loved, for wanting to beat the shit out of everyone and for feeling so fucking worthless she settled for a man.

She resents her the most for killing a man. She killed Celeste's husband, and he didn't slip. She snapped, and when she lunged at him, she was pushing her mother, and that push was a long time coming.

Celeste snuggles her boys as she recalls Farber bringing up their fight at school.

At bankruptcy court, Gordon's on the hook for a train car he never paid for and they're taken to task by Juliet for $72k severance and $160k for "other services rendered." Stress management, she says. Everyone looks at Gordon.

Renata is not pleased, to say the least. She gives him a string of fucks that would make the father in A Christmas Story pale before stuffing tissues into his mouth to shut him up forever.

The judge is ready to give her order, but Celeste wants to call a witness. This witness is to put into doubt Mary Louise's capacity to raise the boys. It's a woman, and Celeste wants to question her personally. Mary Louise looks both stunned nad resigned.

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Big Little Lies Season 2 Episode 6 Quotes

Bonnie: Jesus Christ. A meteor could hit and you would say stay calm.
Madeline: Oh, fuck off, Bonnie.
Bonnie: You fuck off.
Madeline: You know what? I'm tired of taking care of you and your fucking feelings. I know your mom had a stroke, but let's not forget: You're the one who pushed him!

Corey: She asked me about us and you, and she asked me whether you talked to me about Perry Wright's death.
Jane: What'd you tell her?
Corey: I told her the truth, that you didn't tell me anything. But Jane, she knows your history with this guy. She knows he raped you. She knows he's Ziggy's dad, and she clearly doesn't think he slipped. She said with five witnesses, the odds are in her favor. One of you will finally crack. The first one who does gets a break. The other four are fucked.