Bill, having learned about Nicki's credit card debt, wants to throw a party for Don's potential new fourth wife, Betty, but the debt weighs heavily on him.  Even though Bill is now "free and clear" from Roman, he stops by the store after a thunderstorm puts a hole in the ceiling.  Margie's friend, Pam, sets her up on a blind date.  Margie finds out that Nicki vetoed Bill marrying her.  The land for a potential third home plus may be an ancient burial ground and will be in litigation for years.  Bill finds out from Nicki that it was actually Roman that kicked him off the compound at age 14 and not his father.

Big Love
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Big Love Season 1 Episode 9 Quotes

Nicki: I love you, Bill.
Bill: I love you, too.
Nicki: How much?
Bill: I say it's astronomical, beyond all measure.
Nicki: I have $58,000 in debt

Margie: Bennie, do you remember a few years ago a vote about me?
Ben: Which one?
Margie: The one about me joining the family.
Ben: Which one?