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Bill and Barb sit down to have a hert to heart with Sarah about her miscarriage, but she seems to just want to put it behind her.  Barb is upset that Sarah doesn't feel remorse for having premarital sex, but Bill wants Sarah to make her own choices and even gives her a car.  In the end, Sarah decides she doesn't want to go to ASU or any school next semester.   When she breaks the news to Heather, she causes her to cry and accuse Sarah of not considering her in her choices.  At the end of the episode, Sarah finally confides in Barb and says she thinks God took away her baby for her bad actions.

Joey and Kathy tell Bill they want to get married and they want him to seal the wedding, as they don't consider Roman a true prophet anymore.  Bill agrees and the wedding planning begins.  Wanda goes to Barbara for advice on being a first wife and in the end decides to relinquish the title and duties to Kathy.  Kathy, meanwhile, goes off to pick flowers for the wedding and is kidnapped by Roman's men where she is being forced to marry a different groom, Hollis Green.  Kathy eventually breaks free and steals a truck which she attempts to get away in.  She's eventually run off the road and into a telephone pole... killing her.

At Ray's birthday party at the office, he asks Nicki out on a date and she initially says no.  However, when Nicki comes home and her family stages an intervention for her use of birth control, he changes her mind and goes out to dinner with Ray.  The next day, Barb confronts Nicki on her own about the birth control and tells her how she feels betrayed.  Margene, desperate to get out of the house, goes to visit Nicki at the office for lunch.  Once Margene finds out she's actually been working at the District Attorney's office nad using her real name, she forces Nicki to quit her job immediately.  Oh and Margene goes back to dark hair and declares she should get a job next while Nicki is the stay at home.  Nicki goes into the office to gather her things and quit and Ray kisses her!  Nicki ends the episode by saying she wants to be taken off the schedule.

Meanwhile, when one of Alby's wives, Glory, tries to be put back on the schedule so she can bear him children, he rejects her.  A scorn Glory takes a copy of the letter that Alby sold and that Bill brokered and sends it to Bill.  Bill finds out the letter is not about Mountain Meadows and is actually a letter from the Mormon church founder Woodruff telling four apostles to keep polygamy alive while the church publically announces it.  Bill meets with the letter's buyer, Ted, and tries to buy the letter off him.  However, he says it's too late that he sold it to the Church already.

Big Love
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