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The epiosde opens with Lois and Wanda peeling potatos and discussing Kathy's death.  Wanda is extremely guilt ridden as she's wished Kathy dead for year.  Meanwhile, Bill goes with his brother Joey to see Ray (the DA) to try and prosecute Roman for Kathy's death.  Ray is unable to do anything without more evidence so Bill reveals that Roman is his father-in-law and he's married to her daughter Nicolette Grant. 

Roman's wife Adaleen asks him about Kathy's death which he admits to having involvment in.  He says that only Hollis and Selma know about it and he wants to go to the compound to defend his name.  Roman then shows up at Kathy's funeral where Joey nearly attacks him until Bill pulls him off.

Back at home, Bill confronts Nicki about taking herself off the schedule and she says she was just tired and wants back on.  Nicki then goes to ends things with Ray but ends up saying the other guy in her life is gone.  Ray tries to have flowers delivered to Nicki (under the name Margene still) and Margie sends them back.  Ray then shows up to personally deliver them and all heck breaks loose when Bill comes home to see Ray and Nicki.  Ray finds out her real name and now knows she's married to Bill.  He freaks out and revelas that he's gone on dates with Nicki and that she worked for him in front of Bill, Barb, and Margene.  Though Nicki tries to stay with Joey and Wanda, they do not want the daughter of Kathy's murderer with them and she goes to stay at Alby's.

Meanwhile throughout this funeral drama, the side plot revolved around the casino.  Jerry informs Bill that their casino license has been rejected by the tribal authorities due to a grudge with the Ues.  Bill sends Doug to go to the Ute reservation to investigate but he finds out that it was actually Ted that stopped their license.  Bill confronts Ted, knowing this was over the letter, but Ted will not back down.  Bill hires Joel and his cousin Emory, who used to work for the Greens, to break into the University to steal the report that authenticated the letter and hides it in his safe.  Bill then goes to surprise Ted and Cindy at lunch and embarasses them about the letter.  Ted pulls him aside and he tells Ted he has the letter and will tell the Chuch if he doesn't help him get the license and publicaly acknowledge the letter.  Later that night, Joel and Emory show up with Hollis Green and come to steal the letter, only it's not there as Doug took it to show his wives that are leaving him that they were on the right path.  Luckily, just as Bill is being strangled Doug returns and pulls the fire alarm, saving him.

Margene seems to have successfully started a jewelry business selling cheap Indian bracelts in several gift shops and plans on taking her business online.

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