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Nicki dresses up modernly for family dinner. Sarah tells Ben about Margene getting married. Sarah then tells the family that she is moving to Portland with her husband right before Bill’s big election announcement on TV.

Barb tells Bill about Marilyn and how she hired her only to find out that Marilyn is in bed with the Evangelical leader. Bill fires Barb because she messed up the casino. Bill leaves Barb and goes to talk to Nicki.  Nicki is dressed to impress Bill and before he can tell her that Joey killed her father, she tells him about her inability to get pregnant.

The next day, Barb goes in on behalf of Bill at a woman’s community club. She almost has a breakdown about being the woman behind the intolerable man.  This doesn’t bode well for Bill’s election and his opponent uses this outburst again Bill in a publicly broadcasted commercial.

Margene tells Bill about her marrying Ana’s fiancé. He freaks out and Marilyn ends up seeing Margene kiss Bill. Margene tells Bill that she is doing this for his sake, but he believes she is doing this to show that she really is not apart of their polygamist lifestyle when the news leaks out. 

At the board meeting, Bill confronts Marilyn about her cahoots with the Evangelicals.  She ends up quitting.  Marilyn goes to visit Margene and Margene let it slip that she knew Bill before she let on.  The next day, Marilyn comes back and confronts Bill in front of Barb that he is having an affair with Margene. They say nothing to her.

The next day, Tommy tells Bill that they were able to hack into Marilyn’s work computer. They found a bunch of convicting files and more importantly a whole bunch of stuff on Bill. Tommy warns Bill that Marilyn is gunning for him.

Alby goes on trial for Dale’s murder. Alby can’t hold himself together and in the mist of everything he cracks. His imagination shows him his father and how love is not the purpose for our lives. He calls Nicki a whore for dressing the way she does.

The wives get together to tell Sarah that moving is not an option.  She tells them that this is not the lifestyle she chose to live and does not want to be associated with polygamy.  Later on that day, Ben asks Sarah to go to the meeting for their dad. He tells her that Bill is willing to risk his own life for them and would do the same for any of them.

Margene goes to the immigration meeting with Ana’s fiancé. During the meeting, Margene feels a level of uneasiness about this whole marriage situation. She tells Bill that she agrees with him and that it is a bad idea for her to stay married to Ana’s fiancé.  Bill tells her that right now, it is important that she stays married to him because of the whole Marilyn situation.

That night, Marilyn calls Barb and tells her that she knows that there is more to the story then Barb is letting on. She saw the video of Ben at Margene’s opening and knows that Margene is their neighbor.

The next day, Bill is being interviewed live on air and Sarah unexpectedly shows up to support her father.

That night, they are all together for Tennie’s birthday party and the family gives Sarah a homemade quilt as a going away present.

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I'm not going to stop changing just because people can't deal with it.


Nicki - Wow!